Remote Control App: List of the Best

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  • Date: July 22, 2021
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It’s no secret: to be able to interact with the television you need a remote control. On the other hand, all tech devices need it, and TVs are not far behind. However, getting in search of the remote control every time can become a real nuisance. In addition to the classic Alexa and Google Assistant, which you can connect via Wifi to the television, you could also take into account the remote control apps.

As comfortable and efficient as they are, not everyone knows that they exist. In any case, these are applications made with the aim of making your devices(tablets or smartphones)real remote controls. Using them you have the possibility to change channels, adjust the volume and, more generally, manage all the functions of the TV.

At the moment there are numerous apps for remote controls to choose from, some designed for both operating systems(Android and iOS),while others are dedicated to only one of these. Anyway, these innovative apps are very simple, comfortable and intuitive, and allow you to save time to go in search of the remote remote control lost.

In addition, they offer the possibility of inserting multiple remote controls, giving you the opportunity to manage appliances such as air conditioners, cameras, projectors and any tech device. In this guide we will see what are the best apps for the remote control, so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

1. AnyMote

Here’s the first remote control app we suggest you take into consideration. It is an app that is suitable for both Android and iOS devices, and that allows you to manage numerous devices. Let’s talk about DVD players, sound speakers, air conditioners and much more.

The download does not require any cost,but in order to access some “special” functions, payment within the app is required. The use is very simple, especially thanks to the interface, which is very intuitive. After you download it you will have to wait for the app to search for and find the devices compatible with infrared transmitter.

In case your phone does not have it, you can take advantage of the Wifi connection. If the “problems” continue, you can manually add the device you want to manage. After that, the app will show you the remote control keys so that you can manage the television without any difficulty.



Here’s another great remote control app: SURE, available for both Android and iOS. Here, too, the download is completely free and the technology used is infrared. The user experience is optimal, thanks to the intuitive and convenient interface. After you have downloaded it you will have to, first of all, indicate that the device in question uses the infrared receiver or the Wificonnection.

From here, all you have to do is click on the button of the most correct category, selecting the brand of the device. Finally, to complete all the settings,you can use the instructions that will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

3. IR Universal TV Remote


This remote control app, on the other hand, is dedicated only to the Android operating system. Its (free) download allows you to manage numerous devices, in addition to television. If you want, however, you can activate more functions by activating the paid version.

The innovative aspect of this app is the IR technology that characterizes it. After downloading it to your smartphone you will only have to wait for the automatic identification of the devices to be managed by the app. In this case, if your devices do not support this technology, you will not have to rely on Wifi, but on some simple operation.

First, click on the button that proposes the classic three dashes horizontally (positioned in the upper left) and press on “Create a Remote“. Next you will have to select the category to which the device you want to manage belongs, indicating its brand. Finally, click on “Choose” to start using the remote control of the TV or any other device.

The winning aspect of IR Universal TV Remote lies in the ability to customize the remote control interface on your smartphone, preferring the buttons you use the most. In addition, you can also bring up some notifications, as well as you can disable them altogether. In short, the app responds precisely to all your needs.

If you have connected multiple remote controls (in addition to that of the TV), you can switch from one to the other always referring to the three horizontal dashes. By clicking on the appropriate item instead, you can add new remote controls to be managed through the application.

4. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote


Another great remote control app to take into account for simple and smooth management of your TV (or other devices) is TV-ZaZa, only available for Android. In fact, despite rumors that it is also compatible with iOS, it must be emphasized that the existing version is not available on the Italian market.

Also in this case the technology exploited is infrared,and allows you to manage any tech device. If your smartphone is not equipped with infrared, you can use a remote accessory in the app. The latter, in fact, does not require an Internet connection in order to function. The interface is simple as well as its use, and you download it for free.

5. Unified TV

The fifth and last remote control app that you should take into account is Unified TV, a version of Unified Remote dedicated entirely to the management of televisions. Among the many brands we find the most famous brands: LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL and Hisense.

The download, as you can see from the photo, is not free, but the figure we can say is derisory, as it amounts to just € 1.09. The interface is, also in this case, designed to be simple and comfortable. The technology used is always infrared, which allows you to identify devices such as set-up boxes, game consoles, receivers and much more.

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