Samsung AU9070: Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Today another review of a product from the South Korean company Samsung, one of the international leaders in electronics, has always been able to range from televisions, computers, accessories and much more. Today’s model is the Samsung AU9070 , a mid-range model, available in five sizes and capable of adapting perfectly to any environment and need for use.

As we always do before going into details, let’s briefly see the main technical specifications of the product that can help us get a very first idea of ​​what we are going to deal with:

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen resolution: 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating System: Crystal 4K
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • HDMI ports: 3
  • Ethernet (LAN): Yes
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Having seen all this, let us now proceed to the gist of the matter. To do this, we can only start from the key of each electronic product, that is the processor . Before understanding what are the advantages of the processor for this Smart TV, it is good to ask ourselves what a processor is. The processor, in a very simple way, is the brain of every electronic product. Usually we are used to hearing about them from a computer perspective, but with the advancement of technology today they can be found in every electronic product, even therefore in televisions. In the case of this product in particular, the processor is the Crystal 4K, which performs its job in an excellent way.

Crystal 4K plays the role of optimizing all technologies in the field, to achieve a 4K resolution as close to perfection. To do this it uses various components starting from HDR . With this technology we have seen a substantial change compared to old models. The colors are really bright, but it is above all the blacks that become really deep (but obviously not at the levels of an OLED), giving even more splendor to the other colors.

With previous televisions in fact, the blacks often faded into shades of gray, turned off all the colors around them, giving an air of grayness and boredom to the images.

Another technology that helps create an even more intense visual experience is Dynamic Crystal Color . In fact, this allows to obtain a wide and detailed range of colors, in a shade of over a billion colors. We could not count them all, but certainly the visual rendering was all there.

This Samsung product seems to leave almost nothing to chance and even the audio sector presents a series of technologies that are perfect for a product of this level. As we always say, we also want the audio to be well supported by appropriate technologies and Samsung has not disappointed us.

In this case we have mainly two technologies: the Object Tracking Sound Lite (OTS Lite) and the Q-Symphony . The latter allows you to perfectly harmonize the speakers with your chosen soundbar (to be purchased separately), while the former allows you to recreate a fantastic 3D effect for a complete immersion in the vision of your favorite content.

Continuing still among the technologies fielded by this interesting product we find a surprising attention to the gaming sector . In fact, there are many improvements made in the AU9070 , all designed to make the gaming experience more pleasant and smooth. In addition, the “ultra wide” screen viewing function allows you to have a wider view of the game. Therefore recommended for gamers looking for a TV to match with computers and consoles .

In all this, could we ever forget the smart part of the TV? Absolutely not.

Samsung Tv Plus will automatically immerse you in all the hottest content. Obviously, the classic catalog of applications is not missing: from streaming such as Netflix and PrimeVideo , to social networks or information apps.

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Having reached the conclusion we can only consider this product extremely valid and recommended especially for gamers and enthusiasts. The cost, although not very low, remains deserved and confirmed.

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