Samsung Neo QLED QN85A: Review

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Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review

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Samsung has expanded the range of its Mini-LED TVs by introducing this QN85A , a product that is added to the QN90A based on the same technology.

The Asian production house wanted to implement cutting-edge technologies on this model; capable of achieving remarkable performances without disdaining design, an aspect for which the South Korean multinational has always had an eye.

Let’s start immediately by saying that the Samsung QN85A is proposed in three different cuts, capable of covering use on large surfaces; we are talking about a 55-inch , a 65-inch and a 75-inch .

The technology on which the operation of this Samsung product is based is the Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review which, combined with the innovative Mini-Led, is able to guarantee extremely high quality performance. The technology is called by South Korean technicians “Quantum Matrix”, that is a function that exploits the so  called Mini-LEDs ; these are nothing more than LEDs but with very small dimensions. The advantages are that of being able to control and manage the backlight zones in more detail than a traditional LED.

It, in combination with the Quantum Dot functionality, manages to guarantee an excellent visual rendering. The Quantum Dot is in fact the technology that is the basis of every Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review which exploits the intrinsic characteristics of “Quantum points” to ensure greater brilliance compared to a traditional TV.

To allow the effective collaboration between the Quantum Matrix and the Quantum Dot we think the very powerful latest generation CPU installed: the Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review 4K with AI. This processing unit carries out operations smoothly and without any kind of uncertainty; during the test we were particularly impressed by the rendering of every single image.

In addition to the quality of the images, we were also able to appreciate the properties of the panel, in particular we liked the anti-glare screen. This feature allows the viewer to enjoy, without disturbances and distractions, the images even in areas where there is a high daytime brightness due to sunlight. Another aspect we noticed is the high viewing angle of this panel; of course, the extraordinary performances of OLED TVs are not achieved but those of a traditional LED TV are exceeded.

In addition to the features we have already described, which make this QN85A a product suitable for viewing all types of “Cinematographic” and “Sports” content, we must underline that the Samsung engineers also wanted to improve the video-game experience.

In fact, a series of improvements and technologies have been introduced to increase performance during Gaming , ie when using this TV with game consoles such as Playstation or Xbox. The first is undoubtedly the Motion Xcelerator Turbo + , a feature capable of optimizing and improving the rendering of images during the most animated actions. The refresh rate of the screen is capable of reaching 120Hz, a very respectable value for a TV.

It is also possible to manage and modify a series of parameters such as input Lag, VRR and screen size. Among all these features we were pleasantly satisfied with the possibility of switching from a 16: 9 to a 32: 9 reproduction ; and we assure you that playing on such a format makes all the difference in the world.

Samsung wanted to combine this QN85A with an excellent sound system , in order to guarantee an effective audio-visual rendering. This is a fundamental aspect as we of the editorial staff often affirm; in fact we are firmly convinced that an excellent TV to confirm itself as such must be wisely supported also by an above average sound quality.

The audio technologies developed on this QN85A allow you to enjoy a 360 degree experience; with an enveloping and powerful sound. The merit is of a series of features introduced; like the OTS + and the Audio SpaceFit , these allow to obtain a sound that is well calibrated with what the surrounding environment is.

The dialogues of movies or TV series take advantage of AVA technology ; a feature that performs the task of analyzing the surrounding noises, in order to increase the volume of the scenes if needed. In this way we will be able to fully enjoy the conversations even in situations of high external noise.

Nothing was left to chance, even from a design point of view. The shapes and geometries of this Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review are functional and above all modern. The side frames are practically absent on all four sides and the thickness of the panel is very low; if you look at it in profile it almost seems to be watching an OLED TV. The central support stand made of aluminum and with particularly angular shapes is beautiful.

Let’s now pass to what is the sphere linked to entertainment and the “Smart” part; even from this point of view there are no hitches. The merit is obviously of the operating system and the CPU, which manages to manage everything in an easy, intuitive and fluid way.
All the most sought-after applications are available, starting from Netflix and then moving on to Youtube, Prime Video, Dazn, Twitch and many many others.

As Samsung has recently accustomed us, the ” mirroring ” function is very fast; allowing us to fully enjoy the content on our portable devices directly on the big screen of this QN85A. There is also the possibility of using voice assistance , in fact we have the possibility of using three different systems: Alexa the Amazon voice assistant, Google Assistant and BixBy. In this way we will be able to use and control a series of features through the use of our voice; for example, we can consult the weather forecast or choose a specific channel without having to use the remote control.

We conclude this detailed review by talking about the price; obviously the technology pays for itself. In fact, to bring a Samsung QN85A into our living room we will have to spend a high amount, which could make many turn up their noses. What we can say is that the price is largely justified by the quality of this product; the visual and sound performance is really excellent, and the Samsung build quality has always been among the top of the market.

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Samsung Neo QLED QN85A: Review

The Samsung QN85A looks stylish. The stand seems a bit basic, but the TV has slim bezels and should look good in any room. It has a very slim profile, which is nice if you want to mount it on the wall.


Samsung Neo QLED QN85A: Review

The bracket is a mix of plastic and metal. It’s centered and not too wide, so you can place it on a smaller table to save space. There is a little wobble, but it is generally compatible with the TV.


Samsung Neo QLED QN85A: Review

Borders 0.35″ (0.9 cm)

Build Quality

Samsung Neo QLED QN85A: Review

The QN85A feels well built overall. It is mainly plastic, except for the bracket parts and edges, which are metal. There’s some flex on the back panel, especially at the entrances and center, but that shouldn’t be a problem in normal use.

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1. What is samsung neo qled?

Neo QLED is an improvement over the existing QLED displays based on Samsung’s quantum dot technology. The biggest difference between the two is that QLED panels use traditional LED backlighting, whereas Neo QLED uses mini-LED backlighting.

2. How does Neo Qled work?

According to Samsung, the secret of the Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review is the ‘Quantum Matrix technology’. Thousands of small LED lights, which are 40 times smaller than the lights of other LED TVs, are places behind the panel. These lights make up dimming zones, which light up and dim when the screen has to be light or dark.

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Samsung Neo QLED Review: Conclusion

The Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review  is one of several options that use the new “Mini LED” system to improve the picture quality on LED TVs. However, Samsung is one of the most respected electronics manufacturers and has a track record in bringing out reliable products.

The Samsung QN900A Neo QLED TV has several additional benefits, including the slimmer profile and an almost borderless screen. Regardless of the model you choose, Samsung Neo QLED TVs produce brighter colors and deeper blacks compared to standard LED TVs.

In addition to more vibrant colors, Neo QLED televisions are equipped with modern Smart TV features and superior audio components. If you want the best possible home theater experience on an LED TV, you’ll probably be happy with the Samsung Neo QLED TV.

Have a question about Samsung Neo QLED QN85A Review TVs or want to know where to buy one in Canada? Contact us and we will be happy to help you!

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