Samsung Neo QLED QN90A: Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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We have been waiting impatiently for it and finally it has arrived, we are talking about one of the latest born in Samsung: Neo QLED 4K QN90A . Since it was announced we were very curious to try it, the reason was quite simple; it is in fact one of the most performing Samsung TVs ever made, containing a concentrate of technology that is the envy of almost all models on the market today.

Let’s start immediately from the characteristics of the screen, we are faced with a panel that uses QLED technology ; unlike “standard” QLEDs, however, here we are facing a real evolution of the product. In fact, this QN90A implements the Quantum Matrix internally, a feature capable of taking the visual experience to a higher level. It has the ability to control Samsung Quantum MINI LEDs in a precise and detailed manner, guaranteeing extremely high detail.

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To support this huge amount of work, the internal processor of this Neo QLED QN90A has also been redesigned; everything is in fact moved and controlled by the very powerful Neo Quantum 4K (Processor that it shares with its younger brother QN85A ), a CPU capable of adapting any content in order to make it at the best and highest resolution possible. In fact, thanks to the efficient 4K Upscaling system, it will be possible to enjoy 4K contents even where they are not “native”.

Obviously nothing has been left to chance on this Neo QLED, a heavy job has also been done from the point of view of contrast, a fundamental parameter to guarantee a perfect visual rendering. Samsung technicians have in fact acted on the now famous HDR technology, implementing the Quantum HDR 32x ; a feature that can further increase contrast levels in real time and for each individual scene.

Obviously the advantages of a QLED TV have not been diminished, with the Quantum Dot technology capable of giving a color rendering of the highest level. The quantum dots inside the panel make it possible to reproduce more than a billion different colors, guaranteeing the viewer an absolutely satisfying experience.

Nothing was left to chance on this QN90A, we also went to act on the Anti-Reflection capabilities of the screen ; in this way it will be possible to take full advantage (avoiding distractions related to reflections) the TV even in extreme light conditions. We tested the Neo QLED on a sunny afternoon and we can guarantee that the rendering was excellent, without any kind of distraction related to the glare of external light on the screenThe skilful and meticulous work carried out from the point of view of visual quality is followed step by step also from the point of view related to audio. The technicians of the South-Korean house have in fact created an audio system of the highest level , able to satisfy even the most pretentious sound purists.

The credit can be attributed to OTS + (Object Tracking Sound +) , a feature capable of offering audio that is very faithful to reality and perfectly synchronized. The sound is also able to self-optimize with what is the surrounding environment, in such a way as to always guarantee the best possible sound experience. As with other high-end Samsung models, important optimization work with external sound devices has also been done on this QN90A. The Q-Symphony technology allows to optimize and perfectly synchronize the TV audio with that of an external SoundBar, in such a way as to create a 360-degree effect worthy of the Surround of a cinema room.

The improvements related to the sound do not end here, indeed to leave nothing to chance Samsung has implemented the AVA functionality within this Neo QLED . This is a function that allows you to amplify the dialogues in an intelligent and automatic way; thus allowing the viewer to fully enjoy each scene, even in conditions of high external noise.

Another aspect that has particularly and pleasantly surprised us is the design of the TV , in addition to the very reduced thickness we have been able to appreciate the modern and minimal aspect of the central stand on which the QN90A rests; a feature that makes it look like OLED TVs.

The experience of watching a film, a TV series or a sporting event is guaranteed by the excellent characteristics of the screen, but the South Korean multinational did not want to leave anything to chance also with regard to the aspect of gaming .

The result was more than successful, thanks to the presence of a considerable amount of improvements capable of optimizing the video-play experience . The first we want to mention is Motion Xcelerator Turbo + , an implementation capable of bringing the screen refresh rate up to 120Hz; in this way the game sessions will be able to reach a fluidity worthy of a performing PC monitor. The improvements from the point of view of the Gaming experience do not end here, in fact we note with pleasure how heavy work has been done on other aspects as well; the two that stand out mainly to the eye are the possibility of expanding the vision of the screen up to 32: 9 and the very low latency .

Let’s now analyze everything concerning the connectivity and the “Smart” experience of the QN90A; obviously, being one of the top of the Samsung range, nothing is missing. In addition to compatibility with Alexawe have everything we need to have an absolutely satisfying 360-degree experience. For example, the ease of connection with our mobile devices is disarming, with just a few taps we will be able to reproduce the contents on our smartphone or tablet on the screen.

The offer for entertainment is at its best, with the possibility of enjoying all the best apps on the market today, both in terms of the section dedicated to cinema and TV series, and in terms of pure entertainment ( we think of Youtube and Twitch ), both as regards the world of sports.
The last peculiarity that we think should be emphasized is the attention that Samsung has also dedicated to our physical well-being; in fact with the Samsung Health program it will be possible to keep our body in shape thanks to a series of videos that allow us to perform an excellent series of physical exercises. However, it must be said that to fully exploit the potential of this program it will be necessary to have a personal webcam to be placed above the screen of our Samsung TV.

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We’ve come to the conclusion of our detailed review, and the last thing we want to talk about is the price. To bring this concentrate of technology into our living room, you will need to spend a lot of money; we are in fact facing one of the most expensive TVs on the market. However, in light of what we have seen, we can absolutely affirm that the price requested by Samsung is absolutely in line with what this Neo QLED QN90A is able to offer.

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