Samsung Q70TATXZT: The Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Q70TATXZT series, a 2020 Samsung product, a guarantee . This is the introduction we have decided to write for this series of Samsung smart TVs. And believe me, it’s not accidental. As hundreds of users tell us, these are complete models, innovative, design and rich in numerous features. Sure, the prices aren’t cheap, but they reflect the quality of the TVs.

Here are the main features:

  • Screen technology: QLED
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating system: Tizen
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • HDMI ports: 4
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The aesthetics of the Q70TATXZT series have been defined by the South Korean multinational Boundless Design to emphasize the absence of frames on the three sides of the panel. The latter is ultra-slim, and therefore can be placed anywhere in the house. Even the support remains very linear and elegant, without attracting too much attention.

The aesthetic beauty is undeniable, but what struck us most is the beauty of the images . In fact, Samsung has developed numerous technologies and features, managing to obtain a final result at the top of the range. The technologies are to be found above all in the quality and innovation that distinguishes the panel:

  • QLED : ensures dark and deep blacks, vibrant colors and a sharp and marked contrast
  • Dual LED : adjusts the color tone to suit the broadcast content

In addition we have the Quantum HDR , whose function is to enhance both the contrast levels and the definition of the image. The HDR10 + , on the other hand, performs a dynamic tonal mapping by deepening the blacks and, consequently, emphasizing the contrast with the whites.

Do not forget the efficiency of the Quantum 4K processor , which by optimizing every single content manages to give a high quality entertainment experience. Its presence is also exploited by the 4K AI Upscaling technology , which automatically analyzes the input source (whatever it is) and eliminates the noises present on the screen.

The latest technology to talk about is that relating to automatic brightness adjustment , made by Samsung with the aim of transmitting content that takes into account the conditions of the room. This way you will never have problems with light glare or too dark scenes. In the face of all this, perhaps now you are starting to understand why we started this review by talking about “warranty”.

The automatic adjustment has also been included in the audio sector: AVA – Intelligent Voice Amplifier -. This technology is able to recognize background noises and, at the same time, to balance the audio output . In this way the dialogues always appear clear, strong and crisp, without ever being compromised.

The only thing we are not fully satisfied with is the total output power of 20 watts , which penalizes the sound experience a bit. Perhaps, however, more than the power itself, it is the speakers that point downwards, causing the bass to lose quality. As for the smart section, on the other hand, as well as for the image quality, we are very satisfied.

The Tizen system is fast, intuitive and easy to navigate; at the store you have the possibility to download numerous applications; a single remote control is enough to manage all the devices connected to the smart TV. That’s all? Not even as a joke.

Here is the most interesting part:

  • Three integrated voice assistants for voice management of the TV: Bixby , Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Multi View function that divides the panel in two to allow you to watch both the contents of the TV and those transmitted from your smartphone;
  • SmartThings app that allows you to connect and manage all the smart devices in the house;
  • Ambient Mode function to make the TV a picture, a source of information or to pass your favorite photos.
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In short, what to say? As we said from the beginning, Samsung Q70TATXZT is a guarantee.

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