Samsung The Frame 2022 LS03A: Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.


Available formats:

  • Samsung The Frame 43LS03A ( 43 Inch )
  • Samsung The Frame 50LS03A ( 50 inch )
  • Samsung The Frame 55LS03A ( 55 Inch )
  • Samsung The Frame 65LS03A ( 65 Inch )
  • Samsung The Frame 75LS03A ( 75 Inch )

Samsung, as for some years now, also during this 2022 proposes the revised and updated version of The Frame . The reasons for this annual re-proposal are to be found in the incredible success that every year is able to collect; almost always reaching the top in terms of sales rankings.
This year’s model is called Samsung The Frame 2022 LS03A and is available in 5 different cuts suitable for every need, starting from the smallest 43 inches up to the gigantic 75 inches.

Let’s go now, briefly, to analyze the main technical characteristics:

  • Screen technology: QLED
  • Screen resolution: 4K
  • Processor: Quantum 4K processor
  • HDR: Yes
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: Yes
  • HDMI ports: Yes
  • Ethernet (LAN): Yes
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The strong point of this model was and continues to be once again the design , the panel is a real splendor; equipped with very fine side frames and a really reduced thickness . Moreover, thanks to the tiny wall support it really seems that you are in front of a painting. An improvement made this year by the South Korean production company is the possibility of using a single and (almost) invisible cable that starts from the TV to get to a small device (called One Connection Box) which will be used to connect all the peripherals we need to our The Frame. In this way it will no longer be necessary to connect different cables directly to the TV, thus maintaining a truly minimal appearance.

A feature that particularly impressed our editorial team during the test was Samsung’s ability to leave nothing to chance, taking care of every single little detail. We were very pleased with the possibility of adjusting the height of the table stand as we were pleased with the possibility of having a solar cell remote control available ; in this way the use of batteries is avoided by pursuing a discourse linked to eco-sustainability through the use of renewable energies.

Let’s now pass to the video sector; we are faced with a panel equipped with QLED backlighting , one of Samsung’s flagships . This technology, working closely with the Quantum Dot and the powerful Quantum 4K Processor, is capable of giving us images with splendid colors; able to guarantee top-of-the-range brilliance. To complete an excellent visual rendering we think the HDR 10+ , a technology developed by Samsung and able to enhance the contrast levels of each single frame.

Nothing has been left to chance on this The Frame LS03A , even the audio sector is equipped with some goodies that will appeal to sound purists. The Adaptive Sound , that is the processor’s ability to optimize the sound based on the scene reproduced, seemed particularly effective to us in the editorial team .

Another aspect that surprised us is the possibility of using the screen as a real work monitor, despite the generous measures it has proved to be a precious ally for the so-called Smart Working ; in fact he was able to immediately recognize a small business notebook in order to use it on the screen of The Frame.

Connectivity is expressed at its highest levels in every aspect, we have the possibility to connect our mobile devices (both Android and iOS) by interfacing them via the downloadable SmartThings APP ; in this way all the contents present on our mobile devices can be reproduced without any kind of problem.

But as the name of the model says “The Frame” (which in Italian means “the picture”) it is the ability of the Smart TV to become a real work of art that makes the difference, digging a groove between it and the competition on the market. The Art Modeturns this panel into a real digital collector of our favorite works of art, which can thus be reproduced in succession. Samsung’s eco-sustainable policy is once again underlined by the possibility of activating a real energy saving; in fact The Frame 2022 has implemented a motion sensor inside , in this way the TV will recognize when we are present in the room in order to activate the visual reproduction of the works of art. Similarly, once the sensor recognizes the total absence of movement in the room, it will deactivate the screen to save energy.

We have come to the conclusions of our review, also for this 2022 Samsung offers an updated and improved version of The Frame , a truly unique product of its kind and capable of standing out on the Italian market for its multipurpose use, both as a TV and as a real one. and own digital picture. We in the editorial team of particularly liked Samsung’s policy capable of winking at the environment, trying to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity. If we wanted to find a flaw we would talk about the price, which is very high . But as already widely written we are faced with a unique model of its kind, and as such the price is justified by what this The Frame 2022 is able to offer.

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