Samsung UE32T4300: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Samsung UE32T4300: The Review


In this new review we are dealing with a cheaper model from Samsung, but which does not for this reason give up certain standards of audio and video quality. The model we will talk about is the Samsung UE32T4300AKXZT, available only in the 32-inch format, a detail that will already make you guess that it is a model of Smart TV with no particular claims in terms of size, but that does its job. So, as always, before going into the details of a product, let’s take a look at the most important technical specifications of this model:

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen Resolution: HD
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating System: Tizen ™
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • Ethernet (LAN): 1
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As always, these are only a fraction of the hundreds of technical specifications that any electronic device has. In the case of television, all are aimed at improving its audio and video performance. To do this, the first technology that we can mention in the test of this TV comes into play, namely HDR. As always, it is an excellent technology for obtaining intense and vivid colors. The whites light up bright, the blacks go deep and in general the model presents a very good image, although it does not support 4K technology (A technology difficult to find in televisions of this small size) .

Helping HDR color work is Samsung’s technology known as PurColor . As always, seeing the actual advantage of using one technology over another is difficult to verify. The only way is to equate it with other televisions. The PurColor actually appears to express a wider color gamut than usual, enhancing the viewing experience.

The third technology used by Samsung is still focused on the image, namely the Ultra Clean View . This should, through the processing of the transmitted image, be able to clean it up and return it sharp and almost completely free of flickering.

Turning instead to the audio sector , the painful notes begin or rather Samsung itself does not indicate particular technologies applied, nor can we trace them. As we often indicate in our reviews, audio is by no means a secondary factor. For this reason, the absence of a special technology, to improve the hearing experience in the use of television, makes us turn up our noses and not a little. What we can express on is the final output power, declared by the manufacturer on 10 Watts, a level that does not go beyond sufficiency also considering the size of the panel.

Fortunately, the qualities of the Samsung UE32T4300 model do not end here and recover when it comes to connectivity with our other devices. The 32-inch screen, in fact, will be easily connected to our computer to work on a larger screen, or to show us or other graphics and videos. In short, you will bring your PC to the television. Although this is now a very basic function of every television, even before the era of the “smart”, it is always important to emphasize it, especially in cases where it works as well as this one.

This connectivity is clearly not limited only to our computer, but also involves tablets, smartphones, but also the many well-known and loved voice assistants. In fact, the Samsung UE32T4300, although it is certainly not the flagship of Samsung televisions, is equipped with an excellent integration system with the main voice assistants and more: Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay 2 .

With these additions it will be possible, among other things, to command our television vocally, changing channels, switching the product on or off and so on.

We also remember that it is a Smart TV and as such it presents all the well-known applications. It is important in the case of online purchase, not to be deceived by the presence of an identical version, but not smart therefore without all the component of applications and the like. We are talking about the Samsung T4000 already previously analyzed and reviewed in this section .

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In conclusion, we believe the Samsung UE32T4300 an excellent mid-range product, which certainly does not reach the experience levels of some of its brothers, but which defends itself well especially in the smart field.

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