Samsung UE43NU7092: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.


  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen size: 43 ″
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 2
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Samsung’s 2018 NU7090 Series got a good response from the public. Even this model, especially as regards the image quality, was rather appreciated. The only big drawback of this smart TV is that it is designed for the Eastern European market , and as such it does not have the manual with instructions in Italian. Furthermore, to tune the channels in an orderly way we will have to choose Greece or Poland as a country (within the settings, since Italy is missing); in this way we will not have any problems.

These limitations have greatly lowered the evaluation by users , who unfortunately found several problems and criticalities. We wanted to immediately point out the weaknesses of this model so that you can immediately make your own assessments on it. On the other hand, however, this Samsung smart TV is also much more.

As anticipated, one of the most appreciated aspects is the quality of the images , which like most Samsung televisions is of a high standard. This is because the South Korean multinational relied on the use of multiple technologies:

  • Maximum image resolution (UHD 4K) in conjunction with HDR for instant content optimization;
  • PurColor : widening of the chromatic range with very vivid and realistic colors and shades;
  • UHD Dimming : Optimizes contrast and sharpness levels by increasing the depth of blacks and the brilliance of whites.

Furthermore, the beauty of the images is maintained even during the entertainment sessions. To play on the smart TV you can use the Steam Link function , which allows you to connect your PC to the television in seconds. That’s why this Samsung model has been particularly popular with gaming lovers .

Also as regards the audio we can say that the shared experiences are very positive. The sound system used is Dolby Digital Plus, together with two 20-watt loudspeakers . The latter are quite interesting, especially when you consider that this power is also implemented on 55-inch screens.

The only problem is that, in case you want to increase the sound power, you will not be able to do it via the Bluetooth connection, as it is absent. Another limitation pointed out by users concerns the difficulty of reading the files on the USB sticks , which can be inserted into the only port on the back of the panel.

Likewise, the smart section is also slightly lacking in some respects, but well-stocked in others. For example, TV management is very simple and convenient, made intuitive by the practical hub and the single remote control that allows you to manage the devices connected to the television. As far as the range of content is concerned, you don’t have to worry: TV Plus offers a wide range of films and programs in UHD 4K.

In addition, the Universal Guide collects all your favorite shows and searches for related content to speed up the search process. The connection with the smartphone is also simple and fast , from which you can send your multimedia contents through the Samsung Cloud function. The SmartThings app, on the other hand, allows you to turn your phone into a remote control, to further simplify navigation of the TV.

As for the flaws on the smart side , we must emphasize:

  • The absence of the personal Bixby assistant;
  • Incompatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant;
  • Absence of the AirPlay 2 app, very useful and appreciated by the owners of Apple devices;
  • Bluetooth connection.
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In short, summing up, this smart TV is not exactly the model that we dare to call an investment, especially if we consider its destination to the Eastern European market. If you are interested in buying a 43-inch smart TV, take a look at this guide instead .


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