Samsung UE55NU7172: The Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Samsung UE55NU7172 Review

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen size: 55 ″
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating system: Tizen 4.0
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 2
  • HDMI ports: 3
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This Samsung model holds more than 80% positive reviews from users who have purchased it. It comes with a slim and elegant design, which adapts perfectly to any type of environment. The display, which measures 55 inches, features the LED backlight system which, combined with the highest resolution on the market, UHD 4K, offers sharp and realistic images. With the addition of HDR , the contrast between blacks and whites is highlighted more, thanks to the high contrast proposed by the technology.

Furthermore, thanks to UHD Dimming , the screen is divided into different areas for greater color optimization and, consequently, greater visual contrast. Also with regard to the beauty of colors, this is guaranteed thanks to the PurColor technology , which offers natural and realistic colors and shades. Moreover, thanks to the TV Plus function , the user has the possibility to access an infinite range of contents in UHD 4K HDR, to further expand the viewing experience.

Through the SteamLink function offered by the Smart TV, gaming sessions are also unlimited, by connecting your PC to the TV display and enjoying an entertainment experience on the big screen. The beauty of the images is accompanied by a pure and enveloping sound, guaranteed by the presence of two speakers and the Dolby Digital Plus system . Also with regard to navigation convenience, this Samsung UE55NU7172 Review has interesting features for the user.

First of all, ease of use is guaranteed by a personal assistant always available, a single remote control to manage all the functions and a practical hub to control all the devices. Secondly, thanks to the Universal Guide function , you will not only have your favorite programs available, but you will have quick access to a series of related contents.

Thirdly, by downloading the SmartThings application on your smartphone you have the possibility to control various Smart appliances in the South Korean home, such as the refrigerator. Instead, thanks to Samsung Cloud , your content can be easily streamed to your home screen or refrigerator. The configuration is very simple, and mainly requires the Wifi connection, in order to download the desired apps on the Smart Hub. One of the flaws reported by some users concerns the tuning of the channels in Italian, which is sometimes rather difficult.

Samsung UE55NU7172  Overview

Ultra HD certified

Experience Ultra HD certification for true color and clarity. Ultra HD certification makes the most of every pixel. Don’t settle for a TV without the Ultra HD Certified Picture Quality logo, which guarantees the pure colours, sharp contrast and clarity you expect from the latest 4K resolution standards.

HDR powered by HDR 10+

Watch every moment that leaves the screen. Superior brightness, shadow detail and authentic colors with HDR powered by HDR 10+ Experience detail in the dark shadows of a horror movie or the bright sun-drenched scenes of the latest sci-fi. Samsung technology offers HDR with HDR 10+ technology. Other HDR formats adjust the image at best for each scene. HDR 10+ further optimizes every frame in your movie or show to ensure the image displayed on your screen is nearly as detailed as in the real world.

Auto Motion Plus

Enjoy every detail, even in the fastest scenes. Auto Motion Plus provides stunning clarity in sports and action scenes that give the feeling of watching from the stands or on set. Bring the action to your living room with exceptional image processing speed, backlight technology and a fast frame refresh rate.

Clean Cable Solution

Finally, a TV that offers a sleek, minimalistic and uncluttered cable management solution for a tidy viewing experience. The back of this 55-inch Samsung TV is designed with stylish slots for cables to pass through. With the NU7172 TV mount you can secure your cables, keep all your connections out of sight and without compromising the sleek, minimalist TV design. This provides a clean, tidy backside and makes the NU7100 look good from every angle.

360° Design

Discover a stunning minimalist design with an impressively clean back from every angle. Nothing detracts from the picture – with the slim design there is less TV and more picture. The design is made with the highest quality materials.

Smart Hub

Easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place*. Discover must-have entertainment through the intuitive 2018 Samsung UE55NU7172 Review. From late-night Netflix marathons to bingeing on UHD box sets, you’re only three clicks away from your favorite content. Experience Samsung Smart TV, the most awarded TV brand for ease of use in 2017.

Content providers use the Samsung Smart TV platform to make applications available. Content providers can remove or stop supporting apps from the Smart TV platform at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are released, it may take some time for applications to be available on those products.

Universal Guide

Finally a TV with everything in one place. With smart TVs, there are so many programs to choose from. But don’t waste your time going through everything. Our Universal Guide recommends popular programs and content designed just for you, meaning you can see more of what you love. Spend less time searching, more time looking.

Samsung TV Plus

Experience easy access to the latest UHD movies through your TV guide, in addition to all your traditional TV channels. You can now access great UHD content right out of the box. Whether you’re looking for UHD content or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, expand your viewing options across a host of additional smart channels with Samsung TV Plus.

UHD Dimming

Experience better shadow detail and more accurate colors with UHD dimming technology that independently adjusts hue, brightness and sharpness. By dividing the screen into hundreds of small areas, UHD dimming individually controls the darkest and brightest elements in each image for exceptional picture quality.


What apps are on Samsung smart TV?

You can download your favorite video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or Vudu. You also have access to music streaming apps like Spotify and Pandora.

Do Samsung smart TVs have built in WIFI?

How do smart TVs connect to the internet? A smart TV uses your home network to provide streaming video and services on your TV, and smart TVs use wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi to stay connected. Most current TVs support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but watch for older models, which may still use the older 802.11n standard.

What is Smart Hub on Samsung TV?

Smart Hub is the intelligent menu system for Samsung Smart TVs. Through the Smart hub you have access to all the functions of your TV and can even download apps, games and browse the internet. Online or offline, Smart Hub broadens the capabilities of your TV, while also making it easier to use.

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Samsung UE55NU7172 Review is Samsung’s version of a well-equipped LCD TV at a reasonable price. Here you get resolution, support for HDR and powerful Android smart features in one neat package. The IPS-based LCD panel delivers surprisingly good picture quality.

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