Samsung UE65RU8000U: The Review

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen size: 65 ″
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Operating system: Tizen OS
  • USB ports: 1
  • HDMI ports: 3
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Here is a truly noteworthy Samsung smart TV. A 2019 model that managed to meet the expectations and needs of numerous users. However, the shared experiences are not so many, and the reason is perhaps to be found in the price, not so convenient. However, you couldn’t expect less from a Samsung smart TV that’s packed with cutting edge features and technologies.

Even the design, if you want to look, is very refined, with a very thin panel and with practically non-existent frames, which leave ample space for viewing. The image quality is nothing short of extraordinary, both thanks to the UHD 4K resolution and the HDR, but above all thanks to the efficiency of the UHD processor . In fact, this chip is able to optimize contrast and color levels and manage HDR.

That’s why, the image quality is practically flawless. Indeed, going to extremes, it is a smart TV that could be compared to an OLED . In addition, the Dynamic Crystal Color function manages more than a billion colors and shades, making them vivid, brilliant and, above all, very realistic. At the same time, contrast levels are also managed and optimized by the UHD Dimming function.

The latter, in a nutshell, takes care of dividing the screen into many small areas to give a complete and homogeneous optical effect. An advantage of this Samsung smart TV is certainly the FreeSync technology which, by reducing the delay in signal reception, increases the speed of play, offering an almost real-time reaction. In other words, this model is also great for gaming .

In the face of all this, it is quite simple and intuitive to understand why the visual quality has been so widely appreciated. The sound section is also not bad: it is based on the Dolby Digital Plus sound system and on two speakers with 20 watts of total power. In fact, users have expressed very positive comments about the sound quality, declaring that it even exceeded their expectations.

In addition, to increase the power of the sound, you can always connect external devices via the Bluetooth connection , such as speakers, subwoofers or sound bars. Although the visual and sound section have been highly appreciated, the smart section is the one to have received the greatest appreciation, despite the operating system not being Android, but Tizen .

First of all, the management of this smart TV is very simple, comfortable and intuitive. The One Remote Control , that is the remote control given in management, allows you to manage any device connected to the television, such as the DVD player or the console. The design of the remote control is very minimal and elegant, and in some ways it could be a bit limiting, as it only has the keys that are strictly necessary .

Among them stands out the one with the voice command icon, as this Samsung smart TV is equipped with the Bixby voice assistant . By interacting with him you can control the television and get all the information you want, all through your voice. If you want, you can connect your personal voice assistants ( Alexa and Google Assistant ) for even more convenient and faster interaction.

Two plus points for this television are the SmartThings app and the AirPlay 2 function . The first allows you to manage all the smart devices in the house from the TV panel; the second, on the other hand, gives you the possibility to connect your Apple devices to the television. In this way, even apple lovers will be able to share their multimedia files on the big screen.

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In short, it is true that the price is not the cheapest, but if you consider the size of the screen in combination with everything we have seen so far, it certainly cannot be said that it is not a smart TV with an excellent quality-price ratio. .

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