Smart Tv 3D : Which one to choose?

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The percentage of users who today show interest in buying a 3D Smart TV is not in the least comparable to the one that prefers the canonical vision of the transmitted contents. This is because 3D technology has not been present in the television market since the same time as normal TVs, having raised more questions than interest.

The main reasons that hinder the user from buying a 3D TV mainly concern the operation of the vision technology itself, the amount of content available to watch, and whether, consequently, it is worth making the purchase. In addition, there is to consider that, unlike normal Smart TVs, those that have 3D technology are in smaller quantities, and with decidedly higher prices.

This also happens in relation to the development of the new smart TVs, which combined with three-dimensional vision, bring the cost of the devices to higher levels. The intent of this guide, therefore, is to offer insights about this technology, the search for content to watch, the advantages and disadvantages it offers, and finally, the best models on the market.

Smart Tv 3D: what you need to know

3D technology, although its presence on the market is still small, has existed for more than 20 years, having undergone important developments and improvements year after year. To date we can say that the public shows primary interest in the renowned Smart TVs, rich in Smart functions,such as the extreme ease of sharing content from mobile, the maximum availability in downloading applications, and the Internet connection, which transforms the TV into a large-screen PC.

As anticipated, the availability of 3D televisions is much lower than normal TVs, as there are only some manufacturers who have decided to embrace this technology. Among the best known brands we find Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony. In particular, it can be said that Samsung is the manufacturer with more 3D models currently available on the market, while for the LG brand, the situation is exactly the opposite.

As for the price range, the speech is very wide, as factors and elements that contribute to the price increase come into play: to give an idea, you can find models from 300 euros, as well as from 10,000. As always, in fact, quality is charged, especially for televisions that focus everything on three-dimensional visual quality.

Finally, the last key to touch is definitely the vision of three-dimensional content with or without VR glasses. Although some rumors claim otherwise, to date the only way to take advantage of 3D content is to wear the appropriate glasses.

However, some manufacturers say they are taking steps forward to be able to offer viewers the opportunity to see three-dimensional content without the need to wear goggles. To date, however, they remain a fundamental point for the success of the film.

By price ranges

As already mentioned, nowadays the manufacturers who have embraced this technology can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In addition, the models developed are still few, although the hypothesis of bringing 3D to an even higher level is being considered. Precisely for the product that could be defined as niche,the cost of these devices is quite high.

The economic: Panasonic TX-55CXW404

This 55-inch Smart TV perfectly condenses the maximum visual quality at a discounted price, especially if compared with competitors. The design is light and elegant, with ultra slim frames and an adjustable pedestal, useful for placing the television on any surface.

The panel features the LED backlight system, and the maximum resolution, theUHD 4K,which gives defined images, rich in contrast and with bright and vivid colors. The screen also, despite the high quality it offers, is characterized by low energy consumption, as it falls within the energy class A.

As for the Smart functions, this Panasonic has interesting elements. Thanks to the HDMI 2.0port , you can connect different sources, such as Blu-Ray DVDs or game consoles, to be able to enjoy the maximum resolution. In addition, to share your multimedia content on the home screen, all you have to do is insert the USB stick into the appropriate port.

Thanks to the Essential Appsmode, it is possible to download different applications with simple and intuitive steps, to have a wide range of content always available. This Smart TV also offers the viewing of movies and programs in 3D,through the use of special goggles, to be purchased separately. Finally, on the side, there are four HDMI outputs, compatible with the connection of external devices for viewing in 4K, 3 USB inputs, and a port for LAN connection.

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The spearhead: Samsung UE75JU7090T

The design of this TV is very elegant, with very thin bezels and, despite the size of the panel, the pedestal has an aesthetic that goes well with the rest of the device. The display has the LEDbacklight system , while the resolution is a 4K UHD, the maximum on the market.

Since this model is purchased mainly for its incomparable 3D vision, Samsung has developed different technologies applied to images, with the aim of bringing them as close as possible to real-life scenes. Thanks to PurColortechnology, the shades and colors appear brighter, more vivid and realistic, to offer a top-of-the-range viewing experience.

Also with regard to contrast, Samsung has developed the Constrast Enhancertechnology , which allows you to apply different levels of contrast on the display, so that the 3D experience is expressed to its full potential. Another technology that further refines three-dimensional vision is the Precision Black Pro, which not only makes blacks darker and whites brighter, but works on image accuracy: colors, contrast and details.

Also with regard to connectivity and Smart functions, this model of the South Korean house offers interesting features. Thanks to the presence of the double tuner you have the opportunity to search for a program while you continue to watch another. The interface offers a convenient and quick use of icon navigation, including some pre-installed apps such as Netflix.

Finally, the Smart function most appreciated by the public is certainly the mode of interaction with the display. Unlike normal televisions, with this Smart TV you have the possibility to interact both through voice commands and through gestures, two simple and fast ways to manage the TV. In addition, not to be underestimated, thanks to facial recognition it is possible to connect directly to the Smart Hub.

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The middle ground: Samsung UE48JS8500

This Smart Tv has been reviewed as the best model in terms of quality-price by the users who bought it. Belonging to the SUHDrange , of the 8 series, this model presents a linear and light design, both thanks to the slim panel, and thanks to the pedestal, which perfectly follows its curvature. The latter, combined with the 48 inches of the display, gives a feeling of high involvement, for 2D content as for those in 3D.

The viewing area in fact, appears identical from any angle, and on any side of the display. To watch movies in 3D therefore, it is not necessary to take uncomfortable positions to improve the three-dimensional experience. The backlight system of the screen is LED, and the resolution is 4K UHD, which guarantees sharp and realistic images. In addition, thanks to Peak Illuminatortechnology, the brightness is increased significantly, highlighting the details during a very dark scene.


At the same time, the beauty of the colors is guaranteed by The PurColourtechnology, which ensures a wide color range, with natural and lively shades. In addition, for watching sporting events, or for gaming sessions, thanks to Picture Quality Index technology you can enjoy smooth and clear images. Although there is the possibility of downloading additional applications, this Smart TV already has a good package of apps and games, to immediately enrich the television offer.

As for the Smart functions, thanks to the Samsung Easy Sharing function it is possible to connect the smartphone to the television, and transmit the contents from mobile to the home screen, and vice versa. In addition, it has some interesting features regarding notifications and alerts, helping the user to remember the events that accompany his day.

On the bottom of the Home screen,it features the favorite content bar, as well as a useful history to move more quickly. Finally, thanks to the Smart Interactionfunction , it is possible to navigate the television through gestures and voice commands, for an even easier interaction.

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The best brands

Unlike normal Smart TVs, which transmit content in 2D, those that offer the possibility of seeing the contents in a three-dimensional version are significantly lower in terms of numbers. Among the many brands present within the television market, in fact, only four have embraced this technology. For this reason, we have reported the best models of the only brands that produce them: Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic.

Samsung Warranty: EU48JU7500

This Samsung Smart Tv belongs to the SUHDrange , and presents a very linear and simple design, both in the front and back. The panel features the curved shapeof the Dark Silver frames, and a pedestal that follows the lines of the screen. Its curvature makes it even more engaging to watch a film, be it in 2D or 3D, from whatever angle you look at it. The LED backlight system goes hand in hand with 4K UHD resolution, which offers a detailed, sharp and realistic view in every scene.

Thanks to the PurColourtechnology , developed by Samsung itself, it offers a wide color gamut, rich in thousands of different shades. In addition there is the Auto Depth Enhancertechnology , which guarantees a high level of contrast, especially combined with the curved shape of the panel, which offers an even greater sense of depth. As for action-packed scenes, their quality is guaranteed by Picture Quality Indextechnology , which drastically reduces response time, offering smooth and realistic images, without the slightest visual disturbance.

Not being able to dwell on the description of all the technologies applied to the display, we would like to emphasize that it is precisely these that make 3D realistic, lively and intriguing. Three-dimensional content can range from television programs, to films, to sporting events, ensuring a wide television offer. To take advantage of the 3D mode it is necessary to wear the appropriate goggles,which can be purchased separately.

This Samsung Smart TV also has a large section dedicated to applications and games, to be able to use the television in many different ways. In addition, thanks to the Internet connection, you can go in search of your favorite content without any effort, using the traditional remote control, supplied together with the Smart control. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to interact with the Smart TV through voice commands.

Sony Beauty: FWD-55X8500P

This Sony Smart TV belongs to the BRAVIA series, a guarantee regarding the quality standard. The design is very simple and elegant, despite the fact that the panel is not an ultra slim. The frames, however, allow a large viewing space, and the pedestal is the innovative element of the aesthetics of the TV, as it has a circular shape.

The panel has a size of 55 inches, the LED backlight system, and the 4K UHD resolution, which with its 8 million pixels is four times higher than full HD. The interesting feature is offered by the X-Reality PRO 4Kfunction , which allows the conversion to 4K of content with a lower resolution. The beauty of the colors is guaranteed by THE TRILUMINOStechnology , which offers a very wide color range, presenting colors and shades of natural and realistic tones.


These features make the 3D vision very vivid, usable thanks to the special data goggles supplied with the TV. In addition, thanks to Motionflow XR 800 Hztechnology, even the most action-packed scenes, or sporting events, offer a perfect rendering, even in 3D. The contents can be transmitted via a USB memory, both in 2D and in three-dimensional format.

As for connectivity, thanks to the Ethernet connector and the integrated Wifi, connecting to the Internet is a very quick and simple process, which can take place wirelessly or via cable. An interesting element is definitely theHotel Mode, which allows you to customize the display settings and, later, copy them from one display to another via a USB memory. Finally, you can project the contents on your smartphone onto your home screen, thanks to the One Touch NFCfunction.

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Curved 3D: LG 55C6V

This Smart TV signed LG is a model that offers the maximum in terms of visual quality. The panel is ultra slim at the top, while in the lower part the whole electronic part is condensed, which has a slightly thicker profile. The display has the OLEDbacklight system, which offers intense and deep blacks, and a much more marked level of contrast than other Smart TVs.

Resolution also plays an important role, being athe UHD 4K. In addition, thanks to the support for HDR10, the image quality is highlighted thanks to the brilliance of the colors, the deep blacks and the bright whites. These elements are fundamental especially for watching 3Dcontent, which gives the feeling of being in the heart of the scene.


Their playback takes place simply by inserting a USB stick or by connecting a Blu-Ray player; in any case, to experience the emotion of the three-dimensional it is necessary to wear the relative goggles,data supplied with the TV. Thanks to the applied technologies, it is possible to convert 2D content to 3D, to have an unlimited offer of movies and programs to choose from.

Although the vision is impeccable, the audio offers a slightly lower quality: if placed in large or soundproofed spaces, this Smart TV does not guarantee maximum performance. The OS 3.0 web platform offers simple and intuitive navigation, further aided by the Magic Remote pointer remote control. Finally, the Smart TV has some pre-installed applications: Premium Play, Netflix, Chili, Tim Vision and Google Movie.

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Panasonic TX-65DX900

The latest model of Smart TV equipped with 3D technology belongs to the Japanese house Panasonic. Its design is sleek and minimalist, with a slim panel and ultra slim bezels, though it does have an important pedestal. However, this remains perfectly hidden from the TV display, without bringing any aesthetic impediment. The screen, Professional Cinema, features the LED backlight system, and Ultra HD Premiumtechnology, which guarantees an extraordinary image performance.

The colors look realistic and vivid, the level of contrast is very high and the sharpness highlights any detail. The beauty of the images is guaranteed both by the support for HDR, and the 4K Studio Master HCX+processor , which act on the brightness levels and intensity of black. The screen is THXcertified, a brand that is only displayed on televisions that have passed 400 tests, representing high quality.

These technologies make perfect the vision of content both in 2D and in 3D, usable through the appropriate goggles to be purchased separately. Content conversion can take place for any type of content, including sports content, where fluidity is ensured. In parallel, the VR-Audio Master Surround 2.1 audio system accompanies the visual quality very well, which joins the four speakers with a power of 40 watts.

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The Firefox OSoperating system, together with the my Home Screen 2.0 interface, offers a simple and intuitive browsing experience, further enhanced by the two data remote controls supplied. The first we can define it as the classic remote control to move between the programs and the television offer, while the second works through the Bluetooth connection, and serves to manage the Smart part of the TV.

3D content: where to look for it?

Together with the question that arises on the health of vision, the one concerning the search for three-dimensional contents also occupies an important position. As we will see later, the most popular streaming platforms in Italy no longer offer the 3D content service, except Sky; as for online search instead, you have a few more options. Anyway, we would like to point out that the option to buy 3D DVDs still remains valid, which can be viewed through the appropriate Blu-Ray DVD player.

Online, Apps and PlayStation

As for the online and platforms that allow watching movies for free, in most cases it is piracy. In this paragraph, however, illegal sites are not reported, but applications and platforms where it is possible to legally find three-dimensional films.

Despite this premise that it was necessary to make, there is also to emphasize that, in any case, the availability of three-dimensional content online is certainly lower than those in 2D.

As a first option we would recommend the VUDUapplication , available only for Android at the Google Play Store, where you can find several 3D movies. The app, however, being American, is configured in English, and consequently, we do not ensure the viewing of content in Italian.

In any case, trying does no harm. Another valid option to go in search of 3D movies is certainly the PlayStation,which allows both the rental and the purchase of three-dimensional films, although, although the viewing can take place on other devices, the initial download must necessarily take place from the console.


Sky is the only platform that has some 3D content. Mediaset Premium in fact, had launched three-dimensional films in 2010 but, after seeing the little enthusiasm from the public, has removed the catalog and the possibility of taking advantage of this type of content. Even Netflix, after launching 3D streaming in 2012, ceased to offer this type of service as it had not achieved the desired result.

As for Sky instead, you have the possibility to choose over 40 3D titles exclusively on Sky On Demand for Sky Cinema customers, at no additional cost. The offer is certainly limited if compared with 2D titles, but there is to consider that, at least, you have the opportunity to live the experience of 3D.

Does watching TV in 3D hurt?

This is definitely the question that most users ask themselves when considering the idea of buying a 3D television. First of all, it must be emphasized that the first factor not to be underestimated is certainly the right distance.

The same manufacturers, so that the user can take the right measures, advise to keep a distance equal to three times the height of the TV. In general, however, it is equally not recommended to watch 3D movies at a distance of less than 2 meters. Having made this specification, in general we can say that watching 3D television daily is not a healthy habit.

This statement, despite our experience in the field, has been affirmed by some researchers at the University of Berkeley; through this research it was explained how the brain and eyes react in the face of 3D content.

Without going into too much detail, it is important to be aware of the fact that, when a subject exposes himself to watching 3D films, the human brain works in unnatural conditions, as the contents seen are not confirmed by the other senses. For this reason, the viewing of 3D movies is highly discouraged for children under the age of 6.

Even as for the eyes, these are put under stress because they are not used to the sight of three-dimensional contents, struggling to focus them. This situation brings stress to the eyes, which is called 3D fatigue. In addition, it must be considered that, even the positions that are taken when watching television, do not help the alignment process that the eyes have to carry out.

Anyway, despite these premises, it is important to take into account that we are talking about situations that develop when you expose yourself daily to the sight of 3D content, while exposure to 3D has not been contested for a duration of one show per day.

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