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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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The television market, and more precisely Smart TVs, is an extremely large market, full of latest generation models, technologies and functions.

In this regard, thanks to our experience and knowledge in the sector, we have implemented a selection of what we believe to be  the best models of the beginning of 2022,  which you can find listed in this Best Smart Tv guide.

Furthermore, the opinion of users has always been a basic element and of fundamental importance in the evaluation of what we believe are the best devices in circulation.

The best 32 ″ Smart TV: Philips 32PFS5803 / 12

As for the category of 32-inch Smart TVs, the best choice certainly falls on Philips, with the Philips  32PFS5803 / 12 model . The Dutch company, in fact, has thought of an elegant and design device, with a screen resolution in Full HD further improved by Pixels Plus HD technology , which allows you to optimize the sharpness, colors and contrasts of the images.

In addition to the overall beauty of the images, another point in favor of this model lies in the optical effect created by the small dimensions of the frame, which offer the feeling of being in front of a larger screen. Thanks to the comfortable SAPHI operating system , the user can easily navigate between the apps on the screen thanks to an intuitive and simple menu.

Best Smart Tv

Furthermore, thanks to the EasyLink technology developed by Philips, the user has the possibility to use a single remote control to control the functions of the Smart TV, Blu-Ray, decoder, DVD and Home Theater.

Finally, again thanks to the integrated Wifi connection , this model offers a wide range of apps and streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. As for the viewing of the contents on the devices instead, it is possible to view them on the television screen by simply connecting a USB key in the appropriate port.

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The best 40 ″ Smart TV:  Panasonic TX-40GX810E

As far as the world of 40 ″ is concerned, the best option would seem this Panasonic Smart TV. The design looks as elegant as ever, with a one-of-a-kind pedestal. The display features the LED backlight system , with a 4K UHD resolution . The perfection of the images, however, is given by the new HCX processor , considered one of the best technologies of the house itself.
In fact, this processor was tweaked by a Hollywood colourist . What follows is a high visual quality, in terms of lights, contrast and shades.

Best Smart Tv

By adding HDR , images appear much sharper, more detailed and lifelike. In addition, this Smart TV supports different HDR formats, such as HDR10 and Hybrid Log-gamma, to allow you to play more content . Also in terms of audio, this Panasonic has nothing to envy. The sound system implemented is Dolby Atmos , a guarantee for sound quality. The sound also comes from all sides of the TV, allowing you to be totally involved.

In fact, the display is equipped with two integrated speakers, with a power of 20 Watts . Based on the content you choose to watch, you will be able to select the most appropriate Sound Mode . On the Smart side, this Panasonic offers very interesting functions. First, it has Bluetooth Audio Link functionality , which lets you connect speakers and smartphones to your television.

This way, you can enjoy your music with all the power that Dolby Atmos offers. Furthermore, even the commands to use the Smart TV are very simple and comfortable. In this regard, Panasonic offers the possibility to connect Google Assistant or Alexa to the television. This allows you to voice interact with the TV, without the need to use the remote.

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The best 43 ″ Smart TV:  Hisense H43AE6000

In the world of 43-inch Smart TVs, the Hisense H43AE6000 turns out to be the best combination in terms of picture quality and sound perfection. As for the beauty of the images, in this case we focus a lot on the aspect of the contrast between dark colors and light colors, thanks to the Precision Color technology combined with the performance of HDR and UHD 4K.

In addition to the naturalness of the colors, there are other technologies that allow a further improvement in terms of image depth , fluidity in sport mode, and elimination of noise within the images, offering a clean and crystal clear vision while viewing.

Best Smart Tv

The characteristic aspect of this model, however, lies in the performances implemented at aural level, thanks to the  Crystal Clear Sound 20W technology , which allows a net improvement of the sound and its total amplification, allowing the user to feel completely immersed in the television experience. .

Furthermore, like all Smart TVs on the market, this model also has integrated Wifi to be able to use the contents on the network without the need to connect any cables. Furthermore, by downloading the  RemoteNOW app   available for both Android and iOS – the user has the possibility to use his smartphone as if it were the TV remote control, quickly accessing his own multimedia contents and the most used programs on his device.

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The best 50 ″ Smart TV:  Samsung UE50RU7170U

This Samsung Smart TV is the best model in terms of quality, high definition and value for money . The design is very classic, with rather narrow bezels. The display features the LED backlight system , and offers UHD 4K resolution . In addition we also find the HDR , which guarantees a high level of vision. The latter in fact, implements an improvement for each pixel, offering greater sharpness and definition of the image.

In addition, the new UHD processor optimizes contrast, HDR and colors. Thanks to the PurColor technology , the color range is widely extended and optimized. Unlike most televisions, this Samsung not only focuses on primary colors, but also on secondary colors. This way, the shades will also look natural and realistic.

Best Smart Tv

The implemented audio system is Dolby Digital , along with two 20 Watt speakers. Together with the beauty of the images, therefore, a deep and engaging sound is combined, for any type of content. The Smart side can be said to be the richest of all. The functions made available by Samsung in fact, never disappoint.

First of all, thanks to Smart Hub and One Remote your television becomes really smart. Furthermore, this model allows an easy and intuitive connection even to devices of other brands.

By integrating use with Google Assistant and Alexa , your television experience is expanded unprecedented. Thanks to these devices, in fact, you can take advantage of all the convenience of voice commands, even when you are in a different room. Finally, through the integration of AirPlay 2 , you can connect your Apple devices to the Smart TV, with the simple use of the Wifi connection.

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The best of Samsung:  QE55Q60RATXZT

Among all the possible options developed by Samsung, the best model in terms of design, visual quality and audio is this Smart TV. The design remains very minimalist, with a rather slim screen and very narrow bezels. The display size is 55 inches , with QLED backlighting and 4K UHD resolution .

The Quantum 4K processor offers excellent performance for image enhancement. In fact, artificial intelligence optimizes quality in real time, both based on viewing conditions and content. In addition, Quantum Dot technology ensures maximum color realism. With the addition of HDR, the end result is simply incomparable.

Best Smart Tv

The contrast, brightness and nuances make each scene as realistic and detailed as possible. Furthermore, thanks to AI Upscaling , the brightness and contrast are automatically adjusted according to the viewing conditions.

The implemented audio system is Dolby Digital , with the integration of two 20 Watt speakers. The synergy with which visual and sound quality is combined creates a perfect environment for your television experience.

As for the connection, this Samsung Smart TV is equipped with interesting features. First of all, a single remote control is enough to manage several devices (decoder, game console, TV). This allows you to move with extreme comfort and ease. In addition, for all requests that go beyond the normal functions of a television, there is Bixby , your voice assistant. Therefore, through voice control , you can interact directly with your Smart TV.

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Best of LG:  49SM9000PLA

The 9 Series from the South Korean manufacturer is based on a completely new backlight concept. This is not about Smart LED or OLED TVs , but NanoCell . This is because, the new LG displays reproduce colors via nanometer particles. This allows for a clear improvement in visual perception, as opaque colors give way to extreme definition and chromatic purity.

In fact, the Smart TV shown here belongs to this new technology . First, this LG model features a Nano Bezel design . The three sides of the display are in fact free, i.e. without frames. The screen size is 49 inches, and the image resolution is UHD 4K . In addition, it also features HDR , to ensure even higher image quality.

Best Smart Tv

The a7 Gen2 Intelligent Processor offers images and sounds enhanced by the use of the Deep Learning algorithm. Basically, artificial intelligence is exploited. This allows for an automatic brightness update, based on the viewing conditions in the room. As for the sound, AI Acoustic Tuning allows spatial recognition. In this sense, the Smart TV offers tailor-made sound, based on the space around you.

Also thanks to the new processor, the sound effects flow with greater precision, to recreate a virtual 5.1 ch surround . The implemented audio system is Dolby Atmos , a guarantee in terms of sound quality. The operating system is WebOS 4.5 , which allows you quick and intuitive access to all the Smart functions of the television. Also in this case, in fact, we are faced with ThinQ AI technology . This allows you to interact with the Smart TV through voice commands, but also to obtain information through the connection of Google Assistant and Alexa .

The best of Philips:  55OLED903 / 12

This Smart TV of the Dutch brand already holds a good number of positive reviews against him. The design is very light and refined, with an ultra-thin screen, the almost non-existent bezels and a pedestal that seems to be suspended in the air. The winning feature of this model is definitely the Ambilight technology . In fact, this allows an even wider and more engaging viewing experience, thanks to the LEDs arranged on the three sides of the panel.

The second factor that should not be underestimated is the backlight system designed for the display. We are talking about OLED technology , one of the best on the market. The LEDs in fact, during a very dark scene, turn off automatically, offering much more intense and deeper blacks. This results in greater contrast, which also increases the level of definition.

Best Smart Tv

UHD 4K resolution and HDR also play an extremely important role in visual quality. Images are reproduced with extreme sharpness, vivid and natural colors and with details highlighted. As for the audio, the implemented system is Bowers & Wilkins , which guarantees a full, fluid and deep sound. This is also possible thanks to the Smart TV speakers, with a power of 250 Watts .

The operating system of this Smart TV is Android , with its integrated Google Play Store. Here, you will be able to discover all the apps available to download to your TV. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated Google Assistant , you can interact with the TV via voice commands. This allows you to use any smart content or function more convenient and quicker.

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Best of Panasonic:  TX-55GZ950

This Smart TV we can say is the queen of the Japanese manufacturer of 2019. The design is slim and refined, both thanks to the thinness of the panel and thanks to the extreme reduction of the frames. The 55-inch display has an OLED backlight system . Exactly as for the model described above, also in this case, the automatic shutdown of some LEDs during darker scenes gives sharper and deeper blacks, offering greater contrast.

The resolution is UHD 4K , which combined with HDR support allows a realistic and detailed view of each scene, bringing to light even the smallest detail. In addition, this model supports several High Dynamic Range formats, including: HDR10, HDR10 + and Hybrid Log Gamma. This way, you can play a wide range of content.

Best Smart Tv

In addition, the new Panasonic models work together with Netflix to revolutionize the quality of the television experience. If you are a subscriber to the streaming platform, you will be able to enjoy all the contents in their original quality. In addition, the HCX PRO Intelligent Processor was directly developed and optimized by a Hollywood colourist. This allows you to watch a movie according to the quality standards set by the directors themselves.

The implemented audio system is Dolby Atmos , which involves you at 360 °. In fact, the audio is ejected in all directions, making you feel at the center of every scene. Also with regard to the Smart functions, this Panasonic has nothing to envy. Thanks to Bluetooth Audio Link technology , you can easily connect any type of device or speaker.

In fact, the contents of the smartphone can be reproduced on the home screen, enjoying the maximum visual and sound quality. In conclusion, like most Smart TVs, this model also has a connection with Google Assistant and Alexa . In this way you can interact with just the use of your voice, and give commands to the television even from a different room.

The best of Sony:  KD55AF9

Just like the previous models, this Sony Smart TV also features the OLED backlight system . The reasons why Smart TVs featuring these panels are considered the best, we will see them better later. The design of this Sony model is unique in its kind , and not so much for the ultra thin panel, but for the rear support, which recalls that of a photograph leaning against a piece of furniture. In fact, on the front, this Smart TV has no pedestal, precisely because it literally leans on the support that supports it.

The display is ultra slim with virtually non-existent bezels, which amplify the viewing experience. The OLED backlighting system allows you to enjoy pure, sharp images with excellent contrast, thanks to this type of technology, which allows the LEDs to turn off in the darkest areas of an image. The screen resolution is, of course, the UHD 4K , which gives greater clarity even to the smallest details.

Best Smart Tv


Thanks to the Picture Processor X1 , objects on the screen come to life, offering an incredibly high level of color, brightness and sharpness, not to mention the contrast, which offers an unparalleled sense of realism. The vivacity and naturalness of the colors is offered and guaranteed by the TRILUMINOS Display technology , which has an infinite palette, to offer the smallest tone of each nuance.

At the same time, the audio system perfectly accompanies the visual quality of the Smart TV: thanks to the implementation of the Acoustic Surface Audio + system , combined with three actuators and two powerful subwoofers, the sound is clear, pure and engaging during every scene. Also in terms of connectivity, this model has nothing to envy. The Android operating system allows a simple and intuitive use of the Smart TV, also as regards the download operations of the apps from the Google Play Store.

Furthermore, thanks to this operating system, it is possible to search for titles through voice commands, without wasting time entering text on the TV display. The BRAVIA models, like this one we are talking about, have a built- in Chromecast , useful for simple sharing of your content from mobile or PC through the Bluetooth connection. Finally, this Sony Smart TV carries the brand recommended by Netflix , which is only applied to models that pass rigorous tests and trials.

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Smart Tv: Full HD or 4k?

When you choose to buy a new Smart TV, one of the main characteristics that is important to you to take into consideration is certainly the resolution of the panel . If initially the televisions offered a very low and poor visual quality, nowadays we can say that the real difficulty lies in the right choice between a clearly enhanced and improved offer from the qualitative point of view.

The first step taken by technology to search for a better resolution than the standard or conventional one, was HD, which led to an increase in screen pixels and consequently, to much larger panels. To date, however, the two main contenders are Full HD and Ultra HD, also known by the acronym 4K . Anyone wishing to buy a new TV, in fact, always tries to understand the characteristics of these two resolutions, trying to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Full HD resolution

Let’s start talking about Full HD , the most widespread and sold standard in the world of Smart TVs. First of all, when we talk about resolution, we are simply taking into consideration the pixels present in the Smart TV panel, which in the case of Full HD correspond to  1920 × 1080 pixels . The number of pixels present in a panel are the key element to begin to understand how high the resolution of the images will be, and as you can imagine, more pixels are synonymous with greater visual quality.

In order to carry the Full HD sticker, in addition to the subject related to pixels, a Smart TV must comply with certain specifications relating to the reception of HD signals , which must take place with one of these two inputs: Component YPbPr – analog signal in high definition – DVI or HDMI  – high definition digital signals -. One of the basic aspects of Full HD resolution, unlike simple HD, concerns the possibility of displaying a progressive 1920 × 1080 signal (1080p) even at a frequency of 24 Hz – the format that fully respects the original one in which the films are shot, at 24 frames per second-.

Furthermore, the standard offered by Full HD is currently used both in some HD channels of digital terrestrial, both in films that present the Blu-ray format , and in online streaming platforms that can be used directly from Smart TV, such as Netflix. To date, televisions with this resolution standard are the most purchased on the market, because they offer high quality image transmission without having exorbitant costs.

The best Full HD Smart TV: Panasonic TX-43FSW504

Although there are fewer and fewer Smart TVs that take advantage of Full HD resolution, we can say that the manufacturer Panasonic has developed a very interesting model. This Smart TV features a very light design , highlighted by the curves of the pedestal. The frames are present in a very refined and contained way, albeit not extremely small. The panel size is 43 inches , which allows for a good view of the contents.

The backlight system is LED , and the resolution of the display is, in fact, Full HD. An interesting feature of this Panasonic Smart TV is the presence of HDR , available for selected sources. One of these concerns the reproduction of video games and sports content, which are transmitted with maximum contrast, vividness and clarity. In fact, Panasonic provides the Game Mode functionality , which guarantees very short response times.

Best Smart Tv

The visual quality is combined with the sound quality, offered by the Compact Surround Sound Plus audio system and the speakers, with a power of 20 Watts. Plus, watching TV content has never been easier. This Panasonic Smart TV in fact, has the Quattro tuner , to guarantee maximum flexibility in receiving channels. The content is broadcast via satellite, cable or antenna.

When it comes to intelligent functions, this model is also quite complete. The operating system is my Home Screen 3.0 , which allows quick and convenient access to all content. In addition, you can easily share the smartphone screen on the Smart TV display, thanks to the Swipe & Share function .

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Smart TV with 4K UHD technology

Now let’s talk about 4K technology, the best in terms of visual quality, but also the least economical. Unlike HD and Full HD technologies, which referred to the number of pixels vertically, the term 4K refers to a horizontal resolution, equal to  3840 × 2160 pixels. Watching 4K content is the best as it features four times the number of pixels of HD technology, offering the highest quality on the market today.

A clarification that may seem irrelevant concerns the presence of Ultra HD and 4K logos on Smart TVs that feature this technology. Although we may think that they have different meanings, in reality these two acronyms are nothing but synonyms, representing the same characteristics and the same specifications.

Best Smart Tv

In some cases, however, it is possible to find the SUHD logo , or a TV that offers all the beauty of 4K combined with some specific Samsung technologies, which make them the top of the range. Finally, there is also the case of UHD Premium , a technology that has a color range equal to one billion, giving even more sharpness and contrast to the images.

Smart TVs that feature this technology therefore also enjoy High Dynamic Range – better known as HDR -, which is a technology that allows you to reproduce colors in 10 bit. As for watching movies in  Ultra HD Blu-ray, it is necessary to have a Smart TV that features this technology, also exploited by streaming platforms such as Netflix.

The best 4K Smart TV: Samsung QE65Q85RATXZT

This Samsung Smart TV is the model that we have identified as the manufacturer’s number one for 2019. Despite being released this year, in fact, it already holds a good number of positive reviews against it. The design is very simple, elegant and light, both front and rear. In fact, given the thinness of the display , it can be hung on the wall while maintaining maximum aesthetics.

The panel has 65 inches, a size that guarantees a very high and wide standard of vision. The display features the QLED backlight system , which transmits content with maximum realism and clarity. UHD 4K resolution is combined with different technologies, developed by Samsung to give you a unique TV experience. The Quantum HDR 1500 is inevitable , which once again underlines the purity of the images.

Best Smart Tv

The first technology to talk about for the visual quality of the content is definitely the Quantum Dot . This in fact, ensures 100% of the colors and shades, to give you the maximum of realism. However, the precision of the Direct Full Array 8x technology should not be underestimated , which ensures brightness in bright scenes, and dark and deep blacks in dark scenes. In this way, the contrast is further emphasized.

In addition, the beauty of the images is maintained at any viewing angle , allowing you to enjoy the perfect scenery in any position. All this is possible thanks to the implementation of the new Quantum 4K Processor , designed to ensure you a television experience of extreme quality. This is also joined by the artificial intelligence of the Intelligent Mode , which transmits content based on the viewing conditions of the room.

Even with regards to the smart functions department, we can say that Samsung has really thought of everything. First of all, you only need a single remote control to navigate the Smart TV and any of its functions. The presence of the Universal Guide also offers a very interesting function, as it stores your favorite contents and suggests a list based on your tastes. Finally, Samsung has installed a personal assistant, Bixby , with which you can interact to get answers to any questions.

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Smart TV with Android operating system

The speech concerning the operating systems of Smart TVs, turns out to be rather confusing. How many operating systems are there? Which brands do they belong to? In fact, it is enough to be aware that every major brand has implemented a certain operating system in their televisions. To simplify the discussion, we have decided to bring you an illustrative list with the main brands and the main operating systems:

  • Android operating system : Sony, Sharp and Philips
  • Firefox OS operating system : Panasonic
  • Smart Hub and Tizen Os operating system : Samsung
  • Web OS operating system : Lg

As you can see, choosing a Smart TV that has the operating system you are best with is not that difficult; in fact, once the manufacturer has been identified, all you have to do is choose the Smart TV that best suits your needs.

But why did we decide to talk about Android ? This specific operating system, used by Sony, Sharp and Philips, is considered the OS – operating system – with the greatest potential and range of offers.

Before even talking about the features and options available with the Android operating system, we would like to point out that Sony and Sharp also have an OS on some TVs, with a lower offer and quality than that of the Android TV platform.

The latter, the Android TV platform , could be defined as the home version of the famous operating system, taking up the main features, applications and updates, bringing them to the home screen.

The real convenience of this operating system lies in the possibility of using your smartphone and tablet as if they were the remote control of the Smart TV, taking into account that there is also the possibility of  voice  control on the remote control, which allows the user to ask directly TV what to broadcast.

Furthermore, the range of apps present within this OS is truly infinite, and another main aspect of Android lies in the possibility – thanks to Google Cast – to send any video content of the apps from the smartphone to the TV screen.

Also as regards the aspect of Gaming , Android has thought about meeting the needs of young and old. Thanks to the numerous ports to connect the different devices (smartphone, tablet, gamepad), users have the opportunity to entertain themselves while having fun in company, individually, online or offline.

The moment linked to the game therefore, combined with the technologies that make the graphics impeccable, becomes a real experience of involvement. Thanks to these multiple functions, the Android operating system remains one of the most sought after by users, and without a doubt the best platform to exploit the potential of Smart TVs.

Best Android Smart Tv: Sony KD49XG9005BAEP

Having just mentioned that the Android operating system is mainly implemented in Sony devices, we have decided to offer you the best model of 2022 . It is a Smart TV of the Japanese brand that during the year won the hearts of many users.

The design is very impressive, not so much for the subtlety of the frames, but for the particular aesthetics of the pedestal, which is very defined. The panel has the dimensions of 49 inches , with the LED backlight system. The resolution offered is UHD 4K , which combined with the size of the screen guarantees a wide view of the contents.

In addition to the Dolby Vision HDR , which improves the quality of image transmission, this Smart TV features the X1 Extreme Processor , which processes the contents in a precise and detailed way. In fact, the panel features Full Array LED technology , which gives a sharper contrast in all scenes. The operation is very similar to the OLED one, in that, during a dark scene, some LEDs turn off automatically.

Best Smart Tv

Contrast quality is also guaranteed by the  X-tended Dynamic Rang PRO technology , which brings out details during night scenes and ensures vivid colors during bright ones. The beauty of shades, tones and colors is based on the TRILUMINOS system , which reproduces shadows and lights faithfully to the original content. In addition, picture quality is maintained even during the fastest action scenes, thanks to  X-Motion Clarity technology .

As for the sound, the implemented system is DTS Dolby Surround , a guarantee for sound quality. Plus, thanks to ClearAudio + technology , sound appears crisp and deep in every scene, without any noise. Thanks to the different modes supported (Standard, Dialogue, Cinema, Music, Sport) you can customize the power of the sound according to the content you want to watch.

The implemented system is Android , as we had anticipated. This means that the navigation of the Smart TV is comfortable and intuitive, improving your user experience. In addition, for greater comfort, you can speak directly on the television, thanks to voice commands . To use them, all you have to do is press the button on the remote control, and ask what you want to see on TV.

Thanks to the Chromecast integration , the connection with the smartphone is quick and easy, without any need for cables or wires. Using the wireless connection you can see all your content on your home screen, taking advantage of the high visual quality.

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Smart TV: LED or OLED?

After talking about Full HD or 4K resolutions, another aspect that needs to be clarified concerns the technologies used for screens, mainly LED or OLED . Initially, the first step towards an improvement in image transmission took place with the LCD, the Liquid Crystal Display.

Nowadays, however, TVs that still use this technology are rare, especially when it comes to Smart TVs that have very high resolutions. In fact, the television market could be defined as divided between LED and OLED technology, which both offer an excellent visual experience, but which must still be kept separate.

Just like with resolutions, there is some confusion about this issue. Precisely for this reason, we decided to report the main characteristics and differences between these two technologies, trying to bring a little more clarity on such an important element about today’s Smart TVs.

Smart TV with LED technology

Although the LED technology of television panels is the most used today, there is not much to say about it. The LED screen in fact, has only one difference compared to liquid crystal screens, namely what they are backlit .

In fact, the LCD panels are backlit by fluorescent lamps, while those with LED technology are backlit by bright LEDs. The real and substantial difference, in fact, concerns the reduced energy consumption guaranteed by the LED technology, which at the same time guarantees better image and texture quality.

To date, most Smart TVs have this technology applied to the panels, precisely because they guarantee high transmission quality , but without having exorbitant costs. In fact, OLED technology, which we will discuss later, is one of the most expensive ever, even if the result it offers is unique in its kind.

The best LED Smart TV:  LG 55SM8600PLA

2019 was a year of innovation for South Korean LG. The NanoCell series offers innovative and qualitative peculiarities, both from a visual point of view and as regards the user experience. The model shown here combines all the LG technology at an affordable price, especially when compared to other Smart TVs of the brand.

The design remains very classic, with relatively thin bezels and a half-moon pedestal. The panel is not overly thin, but it offers great image rendering thanks to its 55 inches. The backlight is LED , with a UHD 4K resolution and a high quality of 4K Cinema HDR .

However, the really innovative aspect is the new Second generation a7 Intelligent Processor . Thanks to its implementation, the entire visual and sound department is subjected to artificial intelligence, expanding the television experience. The contents are optimized to be transmitted at 8K resolution .

Thanks to 8K Upscaling , lower quality content is reworked to be transmitted with greater contrast, illumination and precision. Moreover, thanks to the AI Picture , the original images are recognized and optimized, to be transmitted as intended by the director.

Best Smart Tv


The Artificial Intelligence of this Smart TV recognizes the environment around you and emits images with the most suitable contrast for the room. In this way the brightness and darkness levels are automatically adjusted. The same applies to the sound, which is emitted according to the space available in the room.

The audio department is in fact supported by Dolby Atmos , a guarantee for the sound experience. The sound comes out in all directions, involving you at 360 °. In addition, the Smart TV reproduces every single detail, giving you the opportunity to feel at the center of the action. Thanks to the a7 processor the 2.0 ch audio is enhanced to recreate a virtual 5.1 ch surround .

On the smart side, there is nothing that this LG model should envy. Also in this case, in fact, Artificial Intelligence comes into play, which studies your tastes and manages to suggest contents similar to those you have always watched. To do this, all you have to do is ask your Smart TV, through the convenient access of voice commands .

With this model, in fact, the use of the remote control is significantly reduced. By interacting with the Smart TV, through the integration of  Google Assistant or Alexa , you can have information of all kinds, without having to carry out any research. In the same way you can control all the smart devices in your home, turning them on or off only by voice.

As for the connection with the smartphone, LG has developed the Air Play2 technology , which allows you to share your content on the panel without any difficulty. In addition, your phone offers you information about the program you are watching, thanks to the dedicated LG SmartThinQ app . You can download it both through the Google Play Store and through the App Store.

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Smart TV with OLED technology

Smart TVs with OLED screen – Organic Light-Emitting Diode – offer a high combination of color and image perfection, and energy saving. Unlike LED panels, in fact, this type of screen uses organic diodes to emit light, and consequently to transmit images.

The singularity of this technology is that each diode needs electricity to turn on, but at the same time, some can remain off, for example in those areas of the image where black is present . In fact, very dark images have a sharpness and image clarity that could be defined as top of the range , precisely because the diodes that do not light up make the affected area much deeper and darker.

After this explanation, it is quite clear why they are defined Eco Friendly : the pixels that must reproduce black, turn off automatically, using lower energy consumption than other technologies.

Another aspect not to be underestimated regarding these screens is the response time of the diodes that turn on and off while watching a movie: OLED screens in fact, present the best performance in terms of definition, canceling any type of image blur.

Furthermore, since the diodes emit their own light, the brightness of the screen is not lost according to the viewing angle , which can be up to 84 degrees. Finally, the last element worth talking about is the life cycle of an OLED screen TV .

In the world of Smart TVs, and more generally of televisions, the LG brand was the first to have implemented this technology on some models, and it is the company itself that guarantees a life cycle of 50,000 hours for an OLED TV. As previously mentioned, being the best technology on the market, the cost of OLED Smart TVs is quite high, especially when compared with LCD or LED televisions.

Best OLED Smart TV:  Hisense H55O8B

The model that in our opinion best represents the quality of the Hisense world combined with OLED technology, is this Smart TV. The design is extremely light, with an ultra slim panel and almost invisible frames. The size of the screen, combined with the technologies developed by the manufacturer, offer a wide viewing angle .

The panel is equipped with the OLED backlight system , which allows the automatic turning off of some LEDs. The result is high contrast, with deep, dark blacks. Bright areas are enhanced by Wide Color Gamut technology , designed for colors, which appear vivid and realistic.

All this is combined with UHD 4K resolution and HDR , which guarantee the highest visual quality. This perfection is maintained even during action-packed scenes, during which even the smallest detail can be observed. Also as regards the audio department Hisense offers superior quality, guaranteed by Dolby Atmos .

Best Smart Tv

The integrated speakers have a total power of 20 Watts, but the innovative aspect is the equalizer , which compensates for frequencies based on the input signal to adapt to the parameters of the human ear.

The operating system implemented is Seraphic 4.0 , which allows simple and intuitive navigation of the Smart TV. Even the dedicated app – RemoteNOW – allows you to interact directly with the TV. When you turn on the television you will find some pre-installed apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and Foxxum.

An interesting aspect is the Parental Control , which allows parents to block content that they do not want their children to access. The television offer, despite access to the Internet, remains very extensive. In fact, thanks to the tivùsat certificate , you will have free access to over 50 channels in HD and UHD, and to 20 international channels.

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