Sony Bravia KD-X80JP: The Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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A new review today and let’s move on to Sony, one of the leading companies in the audiovisual and videogame market, in short, an electronics giant that we all know by now. The product that we will discover today is the Sony Bravia KD-X80JP , available in five different sizes: from the small 43-inch, up to the very large 75-inch. Its cost to the public places this Sony product in a medium-high range, will it all be money well spent? Answering these questions is our job and we will do it together.

As with any self-respecting review, before going into the single detail of our accurate analysis, let’s take a quick look at some of the features of this interesting product, the fundamental ones to quickly get an idea of ​​Smart TV and its potential:

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen resolution: 4K
  • Processor: X1
  • HDR: Yes
  • Internet and wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: Yes
  • HDMI ports: Yes
  • Ethernet (LAN): Yes
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As always, we would like to clarify that these are just some summary indications that can give you an idea of ​​the TV you are going to buy, but which cannot be exhaustive to fully understand a product.

So let’s continue through the meanders of our Sony, looking for those juicier details In doing so, we start from the key piece of each TV, that is, that relatively small element that carries out the work of managing all the components. In the case of today’s Sony TV, the work is done by the X1 processor. Its task is to manage every aspect, starting from the images.

As we all know, all companies aim for the best in image quality and Sony, of course, is no exception. For the Sony Bravia KD-X80JP the X1 processor supports 4K HDR definition. In fact, the processor allows, by combining with the best technologies in the field, to obtain a 4K effect as realistic as possible. The definition, which we have experimented and analyzed during the test, reaches levels of excellence suitable for a product of this range.

TRILUMINOS PRO technology takes the field to improve the color rendering of images . This Sony innovation allows the colors of reality to be transported directly onto the screen, without losing all the qualities of these colors and enhancing liveliness, saturation and brightness.

So let’s continue our analysis, moving on to the audio sector of the television in question. Generally, the mistake is made of concentrating excessively on the visual sector, neglecting the audio one. This mistake is made by both buyers and manufacturers. However, in today’s Sony product we could see a remarkable attention also on the audio side of the TV. In fact, the Sony Bravia KD-X80JP is equipped with two special technologies: Dolby Atmos and X-Balanced Speaker . These two technologies combined allow you to create a three-dimensional audiovisual experience, no different from what you can find at the cinema. Finally, the sound will always be crystal clear and clear.

Turning instead to the “smart” sector, even in this area Sony seems to be very far ahead with its products. In fact, remember that every modern television can no longer do without “intelligent” functions that can be more or less detailed.

In the case of today’s Sony TV, obviously there is no lack of the classic (expandable) catalog of applications for entertainment and information: from the well-known streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to the now widespread social networks and so on.

The smart part of this TV does not end with applications, but involves a series of interesting functions, no less important. The Sony TV in fact allows you to browse through movies, series and more only by voice . This is possible thanks to the integration with the most modern voice assistance systems, such as those of Google.

Other notes in favor of this television, which concern the design and its construction, are the following: the screen support is adjustable, thus allowing the product to be positioned on more or less wide furniture; moreover, in the manufacture of products Sony is committed to using up to 89% of recycled plastic , aiming to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. An aspect that we, the Smart4K editorial team, take very seriously.

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In conclusion, we believe that the Sony Bravia KD-X80JP television is an absolutely performing product that has little to envy to the competitors in the sector. The price is certainly not low, but the Japanese manufacturer has always been synonymous with the highest quality.

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