Sony Bravia OLED KE-A8P: The Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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When we talk about OLED TVs we can only refer to Sony; the Japanese multinational, founded in 1946, represents (together with LG) one of the leaders in the sector. What we are going to review today is a highly anticipated product, which we are convinced will be able to take away a lot of satisfaction: we are talking about Sony Bravia OLED KE-A8P .
This product is offered on the market in two different cuts: the 55-inch younger brother and the 65-inch “big” brother; these two sizes represent the standard sizes for an OLED TV, which manages to express its important qualities on very large panels.
As mentioned, the basis of this Sony Bravia A8P is the OLED technology; a technology that uses the so-called ” Organic Diodes ” to emit light. These materials have the property of being able to emit light autonomously, i.e. they do not need an external lamp to illuminate them (such as LEDs).
Thanks to these characteristics, the images will be very rich in contrast, with very deep blacks and very bright colors.
The contrast turns out to be really intense on this Sony Bravia OLED, the credit is due to the implementation of Pixel Contrast Booster technology ; a feature that can further emphasize the already excellent contrast of a normal OLED panel.
Everything is neatly managed by the powerful processor installed inside it, we are talking about X1 Ultimate; thanks to it, every type of operation is brilliantly developed without any kind of hitch. Thanks to the collaboration of the modern internal CPU with 4K X-Reality PRO technology it will be possible to raise the video quality of each signal received, in such a way as to reach a 4K definition even on Full-HD images.
Even the chromatic range reproduced reaches an impressive quantity of shades; in fact there is the so-called Triluminos Display : a technology that we have already learned to appreciate on some Sony models, capable of offering an incredible amount of colors.
One of the aspects that struck us most, on this Sony A8P, is the ability to reproduce moving images without losing definition; Japanese engineers were able to ensure smooth action-packed content with X-Motion Clarity .

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