Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review

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Sony KD-65XG8096 Overview

Sony KD-65XG8096 was introduced in 2019. It has a LCD screen with 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and 50 Hz/60 Hz refresh rate. The TV is HDR compatible. It supports HDR10 and HLG.

We give smart Sony KD-65XG8096 review TV 88 overall score out of 100. Our ranking system is based on the display specifications, video, audio and other features, connectivity and format support.

Sony KD-65XG8096 Review

  • Screen technology: LED
  • Screen size: 65 ″
  • Screen Resolution: UHD 4K
  • HDR: Yes
  • Operating system: Android
  • Internet and Wifi: Yes
  • USB ports: 3
  • HDMI ports: 4
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In 2019, the Japanese multinational launched high quality products on the market, such as the Sony KD-65XG8096 Review model. This 65-inch Sony Bravia tv has been very successful, meeting the needs of those who have bought it. The design is very elegant and refined, with a slim panel and ultra-slim bezels. In addition, the solution made for the cables allows you to maintain order and visual comfort.

The technologies applied to the screen, combined with the new 4K HDR processor with X-Reality ™ PRO , guarantee high quality content. The color, brightness and contrast are automatically optimized, in order to give greater realism to each scene. In fact, consumers compare this Sony Bravia to an OLED screen , the best in terms of the television experience.

However, this Sony KD-65XG8096 Review is able to offer something more, thanks to the X-Wide Angle technology . In fact, this ensures optimal viewing on the entire television screen, regardless of the angle in which you look at it. In addition, Sony tv  has also focused heavily on the quality of colors and shades, with two cutting-edge technologies: TRILUMINOS and X-tended Dynamic Range ™ PRO .

From a visual point of view, therefore, this  smart Sony Bravia tv is a real guarantee. The same can be said of the sound system, entrusted to DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Atmos . However, there are numerous technologies and functions that the Japanese company has created to complete the television experience offered by this Smart TV.

The sound, in fact, as many users point out, appears deep, clear and sharp, regardless of the content transmitted. The only thing to consider is the absence of Bluetooth , which does not allow wireless connection of speakers or headphones. This, if you want to look, is the only flaw of this Sony Bravia tv.

The smart section of the TV relies on the Android operating system , which, as we know, offers comfortable and intuitive management, as well as unlimited. In addition we have compatibility with Amazon Alexa, which allows you to use your voice to interact with the TV.

Finally, as regards the smart department, this television is equipped with the Android operating system , which allows you to expand the entertainment experience to your liking. Furthermore, being compatible with Alexa  and  Google Home , you can use voice commands to interact with your Sony tv UHD 4K. An advantage that was particularly appreciated is the ability to record your favorite programs on a USB stick, to be inserted in the appropriate port.

Features of Sony KD-65XG8096



The Sony X800G has a great design. It looks almost identical to last year’s X750F, but with a matte black mount instead of silver. The stand supports the TV well, but wobbles a bit, and the legs are almost as wide as the TV and cannot be turned over. The back of the TV is flat and there is only minimal cable management through the back of the feet. The TV has a good build quality and we didn’t notice any issues or concerns with our device.


Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review


The stand supports the TV well, but does not prevent it from shaking. It’s almost the entire width of the TV, so you’ll need a wide table if you don’t plan on hanging it on the wall. The feet cannot be turned to save space.

55″ Model Footprint: 39.0″ x 13.2″


Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review


The rear is simple, but seems well built. Like the X750F, there’s only basic cable management, via a hollow section on the back of each foot. Some entrances face down into a recess in the back and can be difficult to access if mounted on the wall.


Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review

The borders are about average, and aren’t very distracting.


Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review


The X800G is slightly thicker than most of the TVs we tested and stands out a bit more when mounted on the wall. It looks a lot like the X750F and is slightly thicker than the X800E.

Build Quality

Sony KD-65XG8096: The Review

The Sony X800G has a good build quality. The outer panels are a mix of metal and plastic and we didn’t notice any issues or concerns. There is a slight back slope on our unit; we don’t know if this is a defect in our unit or intentional. Anyway, it is very light and not noticeable.


Sony KD-65XG8096 Review at

 1.Gower Golding 

My dog was playing with a heavy rope toy and it grabbed another toy which was whipped into the screen of my TV. Screen broken, TV destroyed, bad doggie. So I replaced it with one of these X800Gs. When I hung it I noticed that the screen was pulling away from the frame at the top, leaving a small narrow space with bright light coming through. Whatever caused that damage also put an anomaly in the picture so when the picture was very white, you could see dark images in the picture. So I called Sony thinking that they would apologize and send a replacement, or at least send someone from a service center near me to investigate. Instead they told me they would do nothing and that I most likely did it when I hung it (I’m in AV – I know how to hang a TV…) I asked to speak to a supervisor and the guy said there was nobody who would give me a different response. When I asked if they were ready to lose a customer for life for under a grand, he said sorry nothing I can do… So I hung up, got on Amazon’s site, looked up the order, and of course they made the replacement as easy as pie. Makes me want to buy everything through Amazon, and I guess that’s the point. Anyway, as bad as Sony’s customer service is, their TVs are pretty good and this one is no exception. Great picture, nice user interface.

 2. A. Sanchez

I normally am reluctant to buy a TV online but seeing a Sony TV at this price I thought I would give it try. ABSOLUTELY IMPRESSED! What stands out the most is the perfect colors. I watch everything from movies, news and sports so seeing people look like “real” people and not weird skin colors was a plus. I just finished watching a basketball game and I’m definitely convinced I made the right decision.

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1. Is Sony releasing new TVs in 2022?

The smart Sony 2022TV range has no huge surprises in terms of models and panel sizes compared to last year’s launch, with all sets designed to replace predecessors. … All the sets in the Sony 2022 TV range feature Sony’s Ambient Optimization technology, Dolby Vision HDR and are AirPlay 2-enabled.

2. Is Sony the best TV brand?

Brands like Samsung, LG and Sony smart tv  deliver top-notch quality across the board, but often at premium prices. Brands like TCL, Hisense and Vizio will sell for lower prices, while still providing great quality, if not as many fancy features.

3. How do I set up 4K HDR on my Sony Bravia TV?

Set HDMI signal format to Enhanced format on the BRAVIA TV. Press the HOME button on the remote control. Select Settings.
  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select Sound and Screen.
  3. Select Video Output Settings.
  4. Select Video Output Information.
  5. Select HDR on Your TV, then check if 2K/4K Supported is displayed.
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Sony KD-65XG8096 Review is Sony’s version of a well-equipped LCD TV at a reasonable price. Here you get 4K resolution, support for HDR and powerful Android smart features in one neat package. The IPS-based LCD panel delivers surprisingly good picture quality.

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