Soundbar: the guide to the best 2022

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: April 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 27 min.

Over the past few years, soundbars have found substantial public appreciation. Initially, in fact, the focus was solely on home theater, which however was characterized by rather high prices. To date, however, with the purchase of a soundbar (which usually includes the subwoofer ) you have the ability to resize the volume of the content you watch.

On the market there are really many, with different specifications and with prices that vary even for several hundred euros. To help you therefore, we have written a complete guide that shows the best models currently available on the market. At the same time you will have all the information you need to be able to make the right choice.

How to choose the right soundbar

As we said, there are numerous soundbar models on the market, for the most part very different from each other. In fact, these devices respond to specific needs , and for this reason they differ in many aspects. However, by knowing them, you will be able to find the soundbar that suits your home, your needs and your wallet.

The factors that characterize the soundbars are not many, but they are essential to be able to “classify” them. To help you, we have decided to bring them all back, so that you leave no doubt. First, we want to get the pebble out of the shoe right away and tell you that the size of the soundbar doesn’t matter. In the sense, the size of the amplifier does not affect the sound quality.

The only aspect we advise you to take into consideration is to prefer soundbars that are no longer than the television, purely for an aesthetic factor. Different is the speech of an amplifier that offers the possibility of being hung on the wall , since not everyone wants to place it on the cabinet under the television (if there is one).

So, already here comes into play a parameter that should not be underestimated, since for each of us the position of the soundbar will occupy a different position based on the decor of the room. Let’s move on to a more technical, but extremely important factor: the channels , or the number of speakers that distinguishes an amplifier.

For example, where it says 2 channels, it means the soundbar has two speakers. Commercially available models offer 2-, 3-, 5- and 7-channel soundbars, while the Dolby soundbar is the standard used in cinemas. Consequently, these numbers give you the ability to choose the sound power you want to achieve in your living room.

At the same time, even if it goes without saying, you will have to pay attention to the output power, expressed in Watts. The higher the Watts, the more it means that the amplifier is capable of delivering loud and powerful sounds. Another determining factor in choosing your soundbar is the number of outputs it features (HDMI, USB, and so on).

In fact, these are very useful to complete your experience and to connect external devices, such as DVD players. At the same time, always talking about connections, we advise you to prefer sound bars with Bluetooth or Wifi , in order to simplify their use.

Today, in fact, the most recent models are all equipped with these connections and the relative application to be downloaded on the smartphone, which allows you to manage it with a few simple clicks. Looking at it, these are the five main parameters that will allow you to make a choice based on essential factors, and that will help you not to make mistakes

Best soundbars: let’s get into the details

In this first part of the guide we will focus on soundbar models that meet specific needs. In fact, the brand is not the only element taken into consideration when choosing an amplifier. In fact, several elements come into play, capable of making them unique in their kind.

Soundbar with Bluetooth: Bose Solo 5


As we will see further on, the Bose brand is one of the most reliable and well-known in the world of sound amplifiers. In fact, its devices are characterized by excellent audio quality and for being very practical and comfortable. Among the many models available, the one that seems to have been most successful in relation to the Bluetooth connection is the Solo 5 model.

The amplifier is built solely from the soundbar , without adding the amplifier. This is a choice made in relation to the power of the soundbar, which alone is able to amplify the sound in any room and for any content. However, as we will specify later, you should know that the Bose company never declares the channels and watts of their amps.

Consequently, we do not know exactly how much the power output from the soundbar is, but referring to the state of consumer satisfaction we can assume that it is very high. Either way, the Bose Solo 5 connects directly to your TV with an audio cable (optical, coaxial or analog) that will allow instant recognition to the TV.

In addition, to manage it you can use the remote control that you find in the package, which also allows you to adjust the bass according to the content you are watching. The remote control will come in handy to easily control DVD players, Bluetooth connected devices and game console as well. In other words, you can manage any video source connected to the TV.

The Bluetooth connection also allows you to connect your tablet or smartphone in a few moments to stream your favorite music to your Bose Solo 5. As a result, this soundbar comes with all the convenience you might want to access its features and enjoy the power of sound.

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Soundbar without subwoofer: LG SJ3



Most soundbars available on the market today are accompanied by a subwoofer, which is useful for perfecting the bass and making action-packed scenes even more immersive. However, the subwoofer is a device that, in some cases, may take up space that not everyone wants to dedicate to it.

However, we must be honest: the single use of a soundbar, however good it may be, as in this case, will not offer the same sound power as the amplifiers accompanied by the subwoofer. If you want to buy this LG soundbar together with the subwoofer , all you have to do is select the offer at the time of purchase.

Going into detail, this model features 2.1 channels and 100 Watts of output power, an excellent result for a single soundbar. In addition, it is equipped with Adaptive Sound Control technology , capable of analyzing sound in real time. For example, when the system recognizes a dialogue, it adjusts its volume to emit a crystal clear sound.

Conversely, when it recognizes an action scene, it boosts the bass to create a more immersive atmosphere. The Auto Sound Engine, on the other hand, optimizes the audio at any volume level, ensuring a perfect and balanced balance. The Bluetooth connection allows you to listen to your favorite music in seconds, but there is something new.

This soundbar, in fact, when it is not used, enters the stand-by phase , and is activated as soon as it receives the order to perform a song. However, as far as connections are concerned, you should know that this model does not have an HDMI input, but only USB, Optical In and Portable In.

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Best Mini Soundbar: CREATIVE Stage Air



Many people are looking for a soundbar to place under the TV to amplify the volume of the content they watch. However, we cannot overlook the needs of those who instead aim for something simpler, but equally satisfying from the sound point of view. We are talking about mini soundbars, mainly made for use on a PC or to transmit music .

In this case we are faced with a mini soundbar with an output power of 10 Watts , even if the maximum peak it is able to reach is 20 Watts . It should be noted that, for soundbars of this size, there are no models capable of reproducing 100 Watts of power, simply because they do not exist.

The audio is still very satisfying thanks to the two drivers with dedicated modulation and the oversized passive radiator . This way the highs will be crisp and clear, and the bass powerful and deep. As for connections, this mini soundbar is equipped with a Bluetooth connection (to be able to connect your devices), an aux cable and a USB port .

The latter will come in handy for connecting it to your computer, for quick and easy setup. Therefore, to listen to music, you can choose the mode that is most comfortable for you. To manage it, in this case you will not need a remote control, since on the side you will find the necessary commands to control it at will.

Finally, as regards the battery, this mini soundbar is equipped with a battery lasting six consecutive hours , after which it must necessarily be recharged. Ultimately, given the size of the soundbar, the low price and the functions that characterize it, we can agree with users who define it as a product with an excellent quality-price ratio .

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The cheapest soundbar: TaoTronics TT-SK019



Finally, the last model we will talk about, before moving on to branded soundbars, is the soundbar characterized by a very low price. In fact, we are talking about just over € 50, a figure that is difficult to find in this environment. However, as user experiences point out, this amplifier does its job admirably, if you don’t have the expectation of making the sofa ‘shake’.

The dimensions of this soundbar have been made to deliver loud and clear audio. Inside there are four amplified drivers : two that cover the entire range and two to ensure deep and clear bass. The total watt output is 35 , a number that for a soundbar without a subwoofer is already good.

Furthermore, its cheapness has not affected the convenience of the Bluetooth connection , which allows you, as in the previous cases, to connect your external devices to listen to your favorite songs without having to attach wires or cables of any kind. Another advantage comes from the convenience of the controls present under the LED display , which shows all the modes and the status of the volume.

At the same time, thanks to cable connections, you can connect your TV directly to the soundbar, to amplify the audio of any content. To manage your amplifier you can use the remote control that you find inside the package, together with the cables useful for the various connections. In conclusion, to be a budget soundbar, we believe it has all the functions and features necessary to still be considered a good deal .

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The 10 best soundbars of 2022

From here on, however, after seeing the best soundbars for specific features, we will focus on the productions of the big brands . In fact, fans of sound amplification often refer to an authoritative and well-known brand, precisely in order not to receive disappointments.

In this part of the guide, therefore, you will discover which are the most reliable soundbars of large companies, designed to meet every need:

Best Samsung soundbar: HW-K450



Here is the best model produced by the South Korean house, a product that consists of two devices that will allow you to amplify the sound without any boundaries. Among the many Samsung soundbars available, this is the one that we can say has best satisfied the needs of consumers. In fact, the reviews report very positive experiences.

Among the main features we have:

  • Surround system without wires and cables thanks to the presence of Bluetooth;
  • Total output power of 300 Watts;
  • 2.1-channel system that can be further amplified;
  • Five selectable audio modes;
  • One HDMI output, one USB, one Auto Power Link and Bluetooth.

As we can see, this soundbar is equipped with all the necessary features to live a truly immersive sound experience. The 2.1-channel system offers two directions of sound, with a power of 300 Watts.

However, thanks to the subwoofer , also configurable with the Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy extremely deep and crystal clear bass, not to miss even the smallest detail. If you wish to expand the channels instead, you can purchase the Wireless Rear Speaker separately , which allows you to enlarge your audio system without the need for any cables.

The Bluetooth connection, however, can only be activated on a certain range of Samsung TVs , and not on any Smart TV. However, this is a considerable convenience, especially thanks to the Samsung Audio Remote application . The latter in fact, allows you to easily and comfortably manage the functions of the Samsung soundbar, and to listen to your favorite content or songs.

In fact, once you have made the initial pairing, you just need a simple click to be able to connect to the sound amplifiers and use them as you wish. In addition, the soundbar can use the Bluetooth connection to connect to other wireless devices , such as your computer or smartphone.

Also interesting is the ability to select the audio mode based on the content you are watching. In fact, these products offer you five different modes, to satisfy you even more: music, movies, clear voice, sport and night mode.

As a result, this Samsung soundbar, along with the subwoofer, offer an exceptional sound amplification package, which appears deep, clear and crisp. In fact, almost all users pointed out that it is a product with an excellent quality-price ratio, since we are not even talking about 200 

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Best LG soundbar: SL7Y



As for the LG world, this is definitely the best pairing of soundbar and subwoofer. Although we are talking about € 300 of products, all consumers have shared very positive testimonials and experiences regarding their use. In fact, as we will see, these are two high quality products.

Here are the main features:

  • Clean and tidy system thanks to the Bluetooth connection, which avoids the connection of cables or wires; Total output power equal to 420 Watts with different sound directions;
  • 3.1 channel system;
  • Support for eleven audio formats;
  • Two HDMI outputs, one USB and one for the optical cable.

Plus, thanks to DTS Virtual: X technology  and three front speakers, the sound appears loud and clear in every content. The front speakers in fact offer 80 Watts of output each, for a total of 160 Watts. The central amplifier guarantees 40 and the soundbar 220. So, if you do not count, you get to the total 420 Watts we mentioned earlier.

The sound power is therefore an aspect that distinguishes these two LG products. In addition, this model offers 96 KHZ sampling rates and 24bit depth , which will give you a precise and detailed sound experience. As for the Bluetooth connection, this allows you to connect the LG soundbar to your smartphone in seconds.

This is where the built-in Chromecast comes into play , allowing you to play all the content you want and listen to it at maximum sound power. In this case you will not have to pay attention to the model of television you own, as it will not be a limitation for the Bluetooth connection. However, a small flaw should be noted , which concerns the sharpness and depth of the bass.

In fact, these products are optimal for those who live in apartments , while they are not recommended for use in places such as taverns, where the sound quality tends to be lost. Either way we can say that the built-in Chromecast has brought this LG soundbar into the hearts of many people, making it easy to cast from different apps or programs.

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Best Bose soundbar: Bose 500



The Bose brand is one of the most authoritative and recognized in the production of sound diffusion devices. In fact, its products are characterized by excellent quality , given by a remarkable power of the audio . However, Bose soundbars aren’t all that numerous, as the company primarily focuses on the production of speakers and subwoofers.

In any case, among those available we can affirm that this model has responded in a concrete way to the needs of thousands of people. Unlike the Bose Solo 5 , a well-known model, this soundbar is much more complete and feature-rich.

Here are the main advantages of the soundbar:

  • Slim and elegant design without wires or cables, thanks to the Wifi and Bluetooth connection;
  • Integrated voice assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa);
  • Control via remote control, application or voice commands;
  • Connectivity: HDMI with ARC and USB.

You will have immediately noticed that in this case we have not specified the watts of power. In fact, Bose rarely makes explicit the power of its speakers , just like this soundbar. However, despite the curiosity of many users, those who have already tried it have limited themselves to confirming that the sound power is very high.

As for its size, Bose declares that this model is the most compact of all , but this has not in the least impacted on the quality and power of the sound system. Furthermore, another winning aspect of this soundbar is the integration with voice commands , which allow you to manage the functions of the device by using only the voice.

The voice command function can also be used while the soundbar is playing high volumes, and it will let you know by lighting up . As for connections, thanks to Wifi, Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay, you can listen to music from the applications on your smartphone. Plus, by downloading the Bose Music app to your phone, you can manage and control all your music in seconds.

This application will also help you configure the soundbar, making the process simple and intuitive. Finally, it should be noted the excellence of Bose SimpleSync technology , which allows you to use the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 wireless headphones to mute the volume from the soundbar to keep it in the headphones .

This function is very useful for all people who live within a family and who, with the power of the soundbar, would risk creating inconvenience. Speaking of the disadvantages , this model essentially has two: the absence of the subwoofer and the price . In fact, the latter is very high, another characteristic that distinguishes Bose products.

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Best Yamaha soundbar: YAS – 207



Even Yamaha cannot be said to have a low reputation for producing sound amplifying devices. The options to choose the best soundbar in fact, were many, but this model turned out to be the most valid both from our evaluations and for users. In fact, this device comes complete with everything you could possibly want for your ears:

  • Elegant, minimal and tidy design thanks to the Bluetooth connection;
  • 400 Watt total of power between the soundbar and the subwoofer;
  • Five audio modes to select based on the content you are watching;
  • HDMI ports compatible with 4K / 60p format and HDR.

However, these are only the main features. The interesting part, in fact, is yet to come. First of all, it is necessary to specify the Watt output, divided as follows: 200 from the soundbar and 200 from the subwoofer. As for the sound, it benefits from DTS Virtual: X technology and the 3D effect , capable of recreating the feeling that sounds are coming from above.

In other words, the auditory experience is completely immersive. In addition, thanks to the Up-mix function , you can enjoy multidimensional sound even with sources that are not compatible with 3D surround. In addition to acoustic perfection, you can choose where to place this Yamaha soundbar according to your décor.

Thanks to the holes on the back , you can attach it to the wall without having to place it on a piece of furniture. In fact, the distance from the sofa will not be an impediment for this innovative device. In fact, the Clear Voice function has been designed to highlight the dialogues and narrations, for any content.

At the same time you can enjoy deep and clear bass thanks to the external subwoofer , also useful for amplifying the atmosphere of a movie. Being also equipped with a wireless connection, you can connect the two speakers without having to resort to wires that run throughout the room. As for Bluetooth, on the other hand, the latter allows you to access the soundbar even from your external devices , such as tablets, smartphones and computers.

In addition, this Yamaha soundbar is also capable of extending the low frequency range to be able to recreate the sound of the original files. In other words, all the music you hear will be of high quality. To manage your speaker, all you have to do is download the HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app on your smartphone, which allows you to access many functions and simplify the use of the soundbar.

Ultimately, to overcome the sound quality and related functions, you should go for a product that costs at least double this. However, as many users point out, the value for money is truly exceptional

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Best Sony soundbar: HT-S350



Among the best soundbars on the market certainly could not miss a Sony one. In fact, the Japanese company, along with all the others, has produced some interesting models. However, the one shown here responds in a concrete way to the needs of those looking for an excellent amplifier at a rather affordable price.

Among the main advantages we find:

  • Lightweight design and adaptable to any environment thanks to the Bluetooth connection that avoids the clutter of cables and wires;
  • 2.1 channels and 360 Watts of total output power (including subwoofer);
  • Seven selectable sound modes and two sound effects (night mode and voice mode);
  • HDMI inputs (including CEC and Bravia SYNC) and a USB usable only for updates.

However, the interesting aspects of this Sony soundbar don’t end there. First, the subwoofer has a wireless connection, which means that you can easily connect it to your soundbar to optimize the sound power.

In addition, both speakers feature S-Force PRO Front Surround technology , capable of reproducing cinematic surround sound. The addition of the subwoofer then brings greater intensity to the bass and dialogue, allowing you to hear even the smallest detail.

As for the connection, this Sony soundbar is equipped with the Bluetooth connection , which as we have seen so far, allows you to instantly transmit your favorite songs and listen to them at the highest sound quality. However, the HDMI ARC input should not be underestimated , allowing you to connect your television and manage the soundbar.

However, if your television is Sony Bravia , you can connect it to the amplifier via the Bluetooth connection, without the need for an HDMI cable. If, on the other hand, your television is not compatible with the HDMI cable, you can use the optical cable , which you find in the package. Furthermore, this model has been designed to be hung on the wall, avoiding the clutter on the furniture of the house.

As for the configuration , according to many users, the process is not difficult, especially following the instructions contained in the box. Inside this you will also find the remote control to be able to manage your soundbar with its batteries, to use it right away. In conclusion, this product is characterized by an excellent quality-price ratio , often pointed out directly by the buyers.

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Best Philips soundbar: PB603 / 10



As for the Dutch company, this soundbar, despite its € 350, turns out to be the best reviewed model ever. In fact, its peculiarities make it an exceptional amplifier, as it has all the features you could wish for a deep and immersive sound.

Among the main advantages we find:

  • Refined and subtle aesthetics, for both the soundbar and the subwoofer;
  • 3.1 channels and 360 Watts of output power between soundbar and subwoofer;
  • Dolby Atmos sound system;
  • 2 HDMI inputs, one USB port, one jack output and one for the optical cable.

As for the watts, these have been set up as follows: 200 watts from the soundbar and 120 from the wireless subwoofer. The latter in fact, connects via Bluetooth connection to the soundbar, so as not to occupy the space of the room with wires or cables. Its function is to emphasize the bass, making the sound much deeper and clearer.

Plus, being Dolby Atmos compatible , these speakers enhance the sound of any content, so you feel at the center of every scene. As for the management of the soundbar instead, you can use the HDMI ARC port to use the remote control of your TV. Alternatively, you can still take advantage of the one supplied, which you find inside the package.

Staying within the HDMI connections, thanks to the 4K pass-through you can connect 4K video sources directly to the soundbar, to enjoy powerful and immersive sound. At the same time, thanks to the Bluetooth connection you can connect the soundbar to your devices and enjoy your favorite songs.

Alternatively, you can insert the USB key in the appropriate output and play the music contained therein. Finally, in the package you will also find the accessories to hang your soundbar on the wall, as well as the remote control, the instruction manual and the power cables to use it right away.

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Best Panasonic soundbar: SC-HTB488EGK



For the Panasonic brand, this model responds in a concrete way to the needs of those who want to make their living room a cinema. Its functions and features are exceptional for sound amplification, which some users even call “even too much”.

Let’s see what are the main peculiarities:

  • Simple and linear design thanks to the Bluetooth connection that connects the two amplifiers;
  • Soundbar designed for televisions from 40 inches and up;
  • 2.1 channels with 300 Watts of output power;
  • Two HDMI inputs, one of which is CEC.

The second point might be seen as a limitation, but it actually responds very precisely to those who own a large-screen TV. As for the power, the watts were distributed like this: 200 from the soundbar and 100 from the subwoofer . As in the previous cases, thanks to the wireless connection, you can connect the two amplifiers without any difficulty.

The configuration and use of the supplied remote control is also simple, although in some cases it proved to be a bit slow. However, again thanks to the HDMI CEC socket , you can connect the television directly to the soundbar and use a single remote control.

As for the connection, thanks to the home theater system you can connect your smartphone or tablet in a few seconds, and listen to your favorite music. Furthermore, thanks to the different audio modes , you can select the one that best suits the content you are watching, to make it even more realistic.

However, you will need to keep in mind that the subwoofer volume travels in tune with that of the soundbar, and that it is not possible to set different volumes. In any case, almost all of the users who have had the opportunity to try these two amplifiers declare that they have achieved their goal : to transform their home into a cinema.

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Best Polk Soundbar: POLK AUDIO Signa S2 (EPRICE)


The eighth soundbar we have selected for you is a model from Polk, the famous American company based in San Diego. In fact, this brand is also very well known among lovers of sound amplifiers, as it is associated with excellent quality products.

However, finding them is not very easy as, especially online, there are few models. Anyway, we can say that we have had the opportunity to talk to you about the best model out there:

  • Lightweight and slim design with a low profile soundbar that does not obstruct vision;
  • 2.1 channels – Watts unspecified;
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding system;
  • HDMI inputs including ARC and CEC.

The first thing you will immediately notice is the absence of the Watt specification . However, this is not surprising, as some companies, as we have seen for Bose, do not declare the power of their amps. However, by paying attention to the other characteristics it can be easily deduced that the model in question cannot bring disappointments.

First of all, thanks to the home theater system, the sound is emitted in a way that fills the room, offering a highly immersive experience. In addition, this Polk soundbar features Voice Adjust technology , which ensures clear and crisp dialogue. At the same time, the performance is fully optimized by Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding , which ensures a deep and immersive sound.

Also in this case the two speakers can be connected easily, via the Bluetooth connection. An interesting aspect concerns the movie and music modes which, thanks to the preset settings, optimize the soundbar to offer a sound in line with the content you are broadcasting.

In addition, thanks to the night mode you can eliminate the bass of the subwoofer and adjust the Voice Adjust, to enjoy clear and crisp dialogue without having to turn up the overall volume. As far as connections are concerned, this Polk soundbar does not miss anything. The HDMI ports in fact, allow you to connect your TV and manage the amplifier with a single remote control , but not only.

The HDMI output in fact, can be used for the transmission of content in 4K and HD , without any limit. Finally, inside the package you will also find the accessories to be able to hang your soundbar on the wall, the optical cable, the HDMI cable and the getting started guide for the configuration.

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Best JBL soundbar: BAR 5.1



JBL is perhaps a better known brand for the portable speakers it produces than for its soundbars or subwoofers. However, we could not pretend not to have seen this model, which of all those reported here turns out to be the most powerful of all.

Let’s see the main advantages:

  • Linear and detachable design, to place the pieces of the soundbar where you prefer;
  • 5.1 channels with 510 Watts of total output power;
  • Quick and easy connection to 4K UHD content;
  • 3 HDMI inputs, Blutooth connection and ports for the optical and analog cable

Given the power of Watts, this JBL Bar 5.1 transforms the soundbar into a real wireless home theater , for a highly immersive, realistic and deep experience of each individual content. In addition, being equipped with two battery-powered detachable wireless surround speakers with 10 hours of duration.

In this way, being able to position them where you want, you can create a complete sound environment at 360 °. As for connections, the HDMI inputs allow you to connect 4K devices for a truly overwhelming experience. At the same time, you can still take advantage of the convenience of Bluetooth to stream your music and make your home a real nightclub.

Also useful is the JBL SoundShift® technology that allows your soundbar to instantly switch from the Bluetooth of the television to that of the smartphone or tablet. Another convenience comes from the fact that you can manage your home theater with the same remote control as the television , without having to use a different one.

However, if yours is not compatible, you can always use the Remote control that you find in the package. In addition, you will also find all the cables to be able to connect the soundbar to external devices, thus avoiding extra costs. Finally, you can choose where to place your home theater, thanks to the possibility of hanging the soundbar on the wall .

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Best Sonos Soundbar: Beam Soundbar



Here we are at the tenth and last soundbar of this ranking, a model signed by Sonos. This company, like all the previous ones, enjoys a certain notoriety in the sound amplification market. Among the various devices available, this is the one that convinced us the most, along with thousands of other consumers who report very positive experiences from its use.

Here are the main features:

  • 220 Watts of total output power;
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrated;
  • Possibility to control it with the remote control, with the app or with voice commands;
  • HDMI inputs to connect it to your TV or computer.

Given the peculiarities of this soundbar, the price of the amplifier is higher than that of previous models. However, no users have reported complaints about this aspect, as it very consistently reflects the characteristics that distinguish this Sonos soundbar.

Unlike many other models, you may have noticed that this soundbar is not accompanied by a subwoofer. Consequently, the fact that it is capable of outputting 220 Watts of power on its own is nothing short of exceptional. In addition, the sound has been optimized by Academy Award- winning sound engineers to emphasize the human voice and deliver crisp, clear dialogue every time.

To activate the speech enhancement, all you have to do is manage the settings you find in the app. A considerable convenience comes from the two voice assistants installed in the soundbar, which allow you to interact with it with the sound of your voice. As a result, you’ll be able to set alarms, ask questions or play news bulletins, just like with Google Home and Alexa.

If you want, you can also use it with your Apple devices, thanks to the AirPlay 2 function . The configuration of this Sonos soundbar is very simple, as it is done through the use of two cables and remote automatic detection. Plus, updates happen automatically, without you having to bother doing anything.

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Xiaomi soundbar: is it worth it?

In the world of soundbars, or more generally of sound amplifiers, the Chinese brand Xiaomi has a certain notoriety. In fact, its devices are discreet, despite almost unavailable on the market, and we are talking about the online market.

The models available in fact, can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and in most cases they offer slightly high prices . However, the characteristics of the Xiaomi soundbars do not differ so much from the range of offer of these electronic devices.

Indeed, having had the opportunity to interface with the experience of some users, we can say that the average state of satisfaction was just more than enough . Consequently, in this case one wonders if it is worth staying on your decision to buy a Xiaomi soundbar or if, instead, head towards a higher quality reality.

Soundbar: a look at the prices

To conclude this guide, we just have to talk about the prices that characterize these amplifiers. As you may have noticed, the average range is around 200 euros . However, there is an emphasis on this. On the market there are rather cheap soundbars, which do not even reach € 150. The fact that they do not cost a lot does not mean that they are not optimal models.

Indeed, in our guide we have brought you several soundbars with affordable prices and optimal features. Of course, if you are looking for a home theater you will not be able to expect to spend € 80, as the power and sound quality will be unmatched. As with everything, if you aim high, the price goes up.

However, if you are looking for an unpretentious soundbar you will find numerous models that are around 150 € -200 € . If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more complete and powerful, then we recommend that you keep an average of at least € 400 .

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