The Best 60-Inch TVs

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The 60-inch TVs, with their huge panels, are able to give a much greater engagement than any other smaller TV. On the other hand, the width of the screenplays a fundamental role when it comes to television entertainment, and for this, they are especially appreciated.

In addition, most 60-inch TVs can also be used for gaming or as a “second screen” of the smartphone, offering a much higher visual quality. At the same time, the 60-inch TVs enjoy a highly efficientcomplete, and satisfying sound and smart section.

In other words, it’s almost impossible to find a failing or incomplete 60-inch TV. However, since there are multiple models on the market, we thought of making a selection of the best 60-inch TVs of 2021.

The only thing we encourage you to keep in mind before starting with the reading is the pricing issue. Here you will find TVs that come directly from the two e-commerce giants: Amazon and e-Price. Therefore, the cost of the appliances is lower than that shown in physical stores. The latter, in fact, for the methods that distinguish the distribution chain, can increase the price up to 30-50% more than what you find exposed here.

Simply put, buying online is all the most convenient thing you can choose.

1) LG NanoCell TV AI 65NANO806NA : For fans of Movies and TV Series

It is not a 60-inch but it is slightly larger in size, we wanted to mention it in this special guide because it is a model that absolutely deserves attention; we are talking about the LG NanoCell 65NANO806NA.

As already mentioned, the dimensions are slightly different compared to a 60-inch device; however, it must be said that the difference in terms of centimeters, as regards the diagonal and the sides, is really marginal, we are talking about a few centimeters and only a particularly careful eye could notice the thing

But let’s come to what are the strong points of this LG home device; let’s start by saying that it is a new device, released on the market around the middle of 2020 and capable of enclosing many of the most innovative technologies in the field of the latest generation of televisions. The technology on which it bases much of its success is that linked to the use of NanoParticles, the latter are in fact exploited within the screen to absorb excess wavelengths, in this way the color rendering is able to reach a truly realistic level.

Watching Movies and TV Series reaches truly “cinematic” levels on this device thanks to the implementation of the “FILMMAKER mode”; in fact, the NANO806NA is able to reproduce the scenes in an absolutely faithful way to what is the rendering sought by the director, try it to believe.

From the point of view of interactivity and offer, nothing is missing, in fact we find available within this LG Smart TV all the most important APPS for watching both Live and On-demand content such as: Apple TV, Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video, and many others.

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2) LG 60UN71006LB : The choice for sports lovers on TV

As a second device, but certainly not in order of importance, we chose a 60-inch recently placed on the Italian market by LG; we are talking about the 60UN71006LB.

The model in question was launched on Italian stores only a few months ago but has already been able to reach more than appreciable sales levels. Among its strengths we find, without a shadow of a doubt, the quality-price ratio; with less than 600 euros in fact we are able to take home a new model and equipped with all the best technologies that 2020 is able to offer us.

Among the flagships of this 60-inch LG there is absolutely the vision of live or recorded sports content; in fact, an exclusive mode has been developed, the “Complete Sports Experience” that is able to make us live the events as if we were really at the stadium. There is also compatibility with all those that are the most popular sports APP in this period; we are talking about NowTV, DAZN, Eurosport Player and RaiPlay.

Everything is effectively managed by the powerful Quad-Core processor that is able to analyze the scenes in real time by eliminating noise and amplifying the contrasts, in order to make them absolutely realistic.

This 60UN7100 is to be considered a real investment for lovers of sports competitions.

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3) Hisense 58AE7000F : The ideal choice for gaming lovers

As for the first LG analyzed in this guide also here we are talking about a TV with a slightly different diagonal than the 60 inches, in this case we are in front of a 58-inch device, but believe us the differences in terms of footprint are absolutely imperceptible; we are talking about a handful of centimeters of difference.
This Hisense 58AE7000F is a product that has been (right from the start) able to grab the sympathies of the public for two main reasons: the price and compatibility with the most famous gaming consoles, but let’s go in order and analyze the first feature.
The price is absolutely competitive, you can in fact find this Hisense Smart TV at a price below 500 euros; a truly rare feature for devices of this size. If on the one hand we have a competitive price on the other we have an absolutely enviable quality level, the technical solutions adopted on this 58 inches turn out to be innovative and of the latest generation.
The second peculiarity that we want to analyze is the Gaming sector, thanks to a series of technological solutions adopted the 58AE7000F is able to make the gaming experience with the best consoles of the moment satisfying.
It should be mentioned the UHD AI Upscaler, a technology recently implemented by Hisense
and able to improve content not made in 4K. Even the audio sector is of the first level, the merit is of the DTS Studio Sound function, this is nothing more than an integrated Suite that is able to manage and direct the sounds coming from the TV in a homogeneous and completely realistic way, the Audio experience will in fact be extremely satisfying.
The fourth and last model, at least to date, is a 55-inch Samsung smart TV. Again, the difference in size is almost imperceptible. However, for the features it presents, we thought it was almost “mandatory” to bring it to your attention. The design takes up a lot of that seen in previous models, since it features an ultra-slim panel with very thin bezels.

The Crystal Display screen offers a simply immersive entertainment experience, with a highly sharp, realistic and lively color gamut. In addition we have HDR, which further defines the nuances giving a visual effect rich in contrast and sharpness. All image parameters are entirely managed by the efficient Crystal 4K processor, which converts each content to the maximum resolution.

At the same time, the management and interaction with the TV is also nothing short of excellent. This device, in fact, is compatible with the three most beloved voice assistants of the moment: Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant. In other words, to control the TV you will only have to talk. In the case of external devices you can use the elegant One Remote Control, which allows you to manage all the devices connected to the TV.

Do not underestimate the presence of the AirPlay 2 function, which allows you to connect your Apple devices to the smart TV wirelessly. In short, for 5 inches less, at a slightly cheaper price, this Samsung TV is able to give strong emotions and a truly excellent entertainment quality.

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What are the factors to take into account before buying a 60-inch in 2021?

The purchase of a 60-inch TV is a choice that will have to be made judiciously, we are talking about a respectable figure that no one would want to squander by buying a poor or obsolete model.

The first thing we need to look at is the type of screen technology; we could find ourselves in front of a panel equipped with LED technology, QLED or, as LG is getting used to it, nanoparticles. All three types are absolutely reliable and above all in step with the times.

The second aspect to take into account is the screen resolution; we absolutely do not recommend televisions with an HD or full HD resolution, the union minimum in 2021 for a 60-inch Smart TV is absolutely 4K.

The last aspect to take into account if you want to buy a model in step with the times is the implementation or preparation of the voice assistant. Google Assistant, Bixby or Alexa, these are the three main protagonists of this new technology; all three guarantee an interactivity of the highest level, bringing the fruition and communication with our 60 inches to a higher level than previous generations of Smart TVs.

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