The Best 75-Inch TVs : The Guide

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Size is not everything, this could apply to many fields of life but not to smart TVs. Having a big TV is a dream that more or less we all have from an early age; imagine yourself in front of a giant screen while enjoying your favorite TV series or your favorite team.

In this article we are going to analyze the best 75-inch TVs on the market in this 2021, trying to grasp all the aspects and all the facets that these large screens have; in fact, thanks to their generous dimensions they have within them all the main technologies that a TV can offer, both from the point of view of the visual and sound sector.

Before starting we of the editorial staff of we would like to emphasize an important aspect, the price of a 75 inches. If you are interested in buying such a product keep in mind that the expense will not be low, but we can assure you that the build quality and especially the visual rendering will repay you with interest.

So let’s see what are the best 75-inch TVs of this 2021:

LG 75UP77006LB : LG’s fair compromise



2021 has brought to the market a remarkable series of new 75-inch Smart TVs, and the first that we would like to describe is LG 75UP77006LB, a beautiful product, technologically advanced and equipped with one of the lowest prices on the market of the 75.

We are facing a 4K that uses lighting through LEDs, a widely developed technology and very reliable from all points of view. Brain of this LG is the powerful Quad-Core processor, equipped with considerable processing power and capable of giving us viewers an image that is always fluid and completely free of any kind of slowdown.

From our tests carried out, the Audio sector also performed very well, which turned out to be very enveloping; this in close collaboration with the FilmMaker mode will be particularly appreciated by all lovers of cinema and TV series of Netflix, PrimeVideo and Sky.

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Samsung QE75Q70A The Quality of Samsung


We definitely go up in price with one of the latest models designed and manufactured by Samsung, we are talking about the innovative Samsung Q70A.


The panel takes advantage of the innovative QLEDbacklight technology , one of the workhorses of the South Korean production company. It, in close collaboration with Quantum-Dot technology and Quantum-HDR, is able to offer a color rendering of absolute level. What particularly amazed us is the brightness of the colors and the ability to adapt perfectly to each scene reproduced, which will result as well as in reality.

This Q70A represents anexcellent choice also for all lovers of Gaming and video games in general, some technologies have been implemented to significantly improve the gaming experience, and we assure you that taking advantage of a Playstation 5 or an Xbox on a 75-inch like that will be a breathtaking activity.

The last aspect that deserves to be mentioned is the design, although it is a 75-inch rich in technology this QE75Q70A turns out to be very thin; the side view of the panel is a pleasure for the eyes of lovers of design and slender and minimalist forms.

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LG OLED77B16LA: The Best 75 Inch OLED



In the classic of the best 75 inches on the market could not miss an OLED; and it is precisely for this reason that we have chosen one of the last born in the LG house, we are talking about LG OLED77B16LA. We are talking about one of the most performing models released during 2021, capable of achieving a record-catching visual quality.

At the base of everything there is the OLEDtechnology , to date we can safely say how it is the non-plus-ultra in the TV field.
The “self-illuminating” pixels that exploits the OLED are able to achieve very high performance, with bright colors (and above all) very deep blacks.

To manage everything on this B16LA there is the powerful α7 gen4 4k processor with AI; which brilliantly manages to manage any type of operation, making the experience of use absolutely satisfying.

LG OLED77B16LA is a product suitable for all uses, thanks to the presence of specific modes for every need, both as regards Movies and TV Series, both as regards Gaming and for sports events on TV.

The part strictly related to entertainment works intuitively and smoothly, with the possibility of taking advantage of all the main apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Dazn, Youtube, Disney + and many others.

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Hisense 75AE7010F : The economical but powerful choice


Among the best models of 75-inch TV could certainly not miss a “cheap” one, if that’s how it can be called. On the other hand, given the size of the panel, in this category it is impossible to think of finding smart TVs with a low or easily accessible price. However, with this Hisense we manage to stay below € 1,000,which is to be considered a real goal.

This model, the AE7010F, has been made in 7 different sizes, indicating its high success. As in previous models, here too we have the union of several latest generation technologies:

  • 4K UHD resolution
  • Quad Core Processor
  • HDR for maximizing color gamut and contrast
  • UHD upscaling that improves TV performance in every single piece of content

The final result in terms of image quality, therefore, turns out to be very realistic, sharp and lively. In addition, thanks to the Sport Mode, you will be able to watch your sports content at maximum visual and sound performance. As for the sound section, this is supported by 20 watts of power and DTS Virtual: Xtechnology , capable of separating dialogue from background noise.

In other words, the sound experience turns out to be very clear, sharp and engaging. At the same time, the smart section is also very rich, complete and interactive. The VIDAA U 4.0 operating system is easy to navigate and offers numerous applications. For the most loved ones, the remote control brings back the quick access buttons, which avoid all the steps necessary to get to the apps.

The management of the TV, however, is further simplified by theintegration of Alexa, the voice assistant that allows you to interact vocally with the TV. If you want, you can download the Remote Now app on your smartphone (both Android and iOS) and use the phone instead of the remote control.

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Samsung UE75AU7170 : The Entry-Level of the Korean house

Samsung during this 2021 wanted to expand its range of 75 inches by proposing models capable of meeting the needs of all budgets, as regards the mid-range has placed on the market this UE75AU7170UXZT; a modern Smart TV capable of guaranteeing an excellent entertaining experience.

The backlight technology adopted by Samsung technicians on this model is the LEDone ; a feature that on panels of this size more than generous, offers excellent energy efficiency going to contain consumption.
The colors appear shiny and rich in shades thanks to the implementation of PurColor; a technology developed by Samsung capable of reproducing a very wide color range. Everything has been expertly built on the powerful crystal 4K processor of the latest generation, capable of processing every single operation in a lightning and fluid way.
Even the design, an aspect certainly not secondary on 75-inch TVs, turns out to be streamlined and able to harmonize with the surrounding environment. The merit is the ultra-slim frames that allow a virtually borderless vision. There is also total compatibility with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.

At what distance to position yourself from a 75-inch screen?

You are looking for a 75 inches to bring visual pleasure to a higher level but you are frightened by the size, especially you do not know if the room where you are going to place this Smart TV is wide enough to allow a perfect view. This is what often happens and one wonders before buying a 75 inch.

But what is the right positioning distance of our sofa, our armchair or our table with respect to this panel?

The calculation to be made is quite simple; first of all if today you want to buy a 75-inch diagonal TV you will choose for obvious reasons a 4K, this will greatly simplify our calculations and reduce the optimal distance compared to a Full-HD. The reason is easy to understand, 4K has a resolution 4 times higher than a Full-HD, therefore to fully enjoy all the pixels on the panel we will be able to position ourselves at a shorter distance than it.

The general rule that applies is as follows: the panel should be positioned at an optimal distance that varies between 1 and 1.5 times the diagonal of the panel expressed in centimeters. The calculation is very simple, a 75-inch TV has a diagonal of 75 ( the inches ) x2.54 ( the fixed number to go from inches to centimeters ) = 190cm, it goes without saying that the correct positioning of our viewing point with respect to the Smart TV must be between 190cm and 285 cm away.

Now it’s up to you, arm yourself with a meter and calculate your optimal positioning!

Size of 75″ TVs

But how big is a 75-inch television really? So far we have only explained that it is one of the largest panels that we can find in circulation. Here are the dimensions in centimeters:

  • Width: 166.1 cm
  • Height: 93.5 cm
  • Thickness: it varies from model to model, but if we choose an ultra-slim design we can go down to less than 4 centimeters.

In all this, always take into account that the support makes the screen higher overall. Usually these TVs have rather low, but very deep supports. Otherwise it would be easy to drop the television with a small tap, having a very high center of gravity. To avoid taking up too much space in depth, you can always purchase a wall mount.

Another thing to remember is that the actual dimensions must also take into account the screen bezel. Given the technological level of these models, usually the frame is no wider than 1 cm on each side.

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