TV Screen Cleanup: The Best Ways to Do It Properly

  • By: Bhumika
  • Date: July 25, 2021
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After all the effort it took you to choose and find the right TV for your living room or bedroom it would be inopportune to risk ruining it while cleaning. On the screen, as well as on the frames, a lot of dust is deposited , in addition to the fingerprints that we do not realize we leave.

So we have decided to write a complete guide of all the tips that you can use to better clean your TV . Thanks to these tips, you are guaranteed to remove all sorts of “dirt” from the TV screen without risking damaging, scratching or compromising it in any way.

How to clean the TV screen: Useful tips

First of all, we would like to point out immediately that the techniques you can use to make your TV shine remain valid for all types of screens , including OLED. At the same time, you will be pleased to know that to clean the TV screen it is not necessary to have particularly specific equipment; indeed, it is very likely that you already have everything you need to proceed with cleaning the TV.

Otherwise you can make some rather limited purchases to immediately run for cover. To date, there are multiple solutions you can rely on for these tools: electronics stores, supermarkets or online sites (Amazon highly recommended). Next we will provide you with some ideas that you can take into consideration to create a tailor-made kit for cleaning your TV.


But first, we would like to point out that the TV panel should not be treated like any other glass surface. Very often, in fact, we tend to use window cleaning products, which are too aggressive for the TV display .

Furthermore, even the pressure exerted during cleaning should not be exaggerated, as you risk compromising the screen. In short, the best mode is the same one used when dusting: remove all the dirt with a rather delicate swipe .

At the same time, we suggest you take a look at the user manual that the TV manufacturer left you in the box. If you no longer have them, you can search online or on Google, or on the brand’s official website.

In case you find specifics related to cleaning your TV, our advice is to stick to them without improvising. If the company has taken care to provide these indications it is much better to follow them rather than do otherwise.

TV Screen Cleaner: The best products to do it

Before proceeding with any tool, remember to turn off the television . It might seem trivial to you, but it’s best not to take any chances – it’s always best to clean an electrical device while it’s not in use. Furthermore, on the black surface of the screen it will be easier to eliminate any trace of dust or fingerprints, because it is much more visible than when the display remains on.

After that, you can already proceed with cleaning the screen using a microfiber cloth . The latter are particularly suitable for use as they do not scratch the panel and do not leave the classic “lint” of other common rags. At this point you can begin to eliminate the first traces of dirt, starting, possibly, from the upper frame .

This way the dust and any kind of deposit will fall to the bottom. It’s a bit of the same concept as when you take your car to wash: you always start from the roof. Subsequently, you can wipe the cloth indistinctly on the TV screen and on the rest of the frames, and then finish with cleaning the pedestal (if the TV is resting on a piece of furniture).

After the first pass, remember to shake the cloth to free it from dust and dirt, and if you deem it necessary, make a second pass. In fact, these simple steps are already great for removing dust and fingerprints from the TV screen, but there may be some stubborn dirt . In this case, you can rely on cleaning products, which will help you make your TV shine again. Below are the best three:

  • Vius Detergent Spray
  • Green Oak Detergent Spray
  • DUO-Clean

Using specific products to clean the TV screen ensures optimal results , as well as ensuring that the display will not suffer any damage. However, always remember to never spray the cleaner directly on the screen, but to apply it on the microfiber cloth.

Alternatively, you can proceed with cleaning your TV simply by moistening the cloth with warm water. These cleaning modes can be used to clean any electronic device, such as smartphones or computers . After all, these are still LCD screens.

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