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The TV series have been enjoying considerable success for some years among young and old, the reason is soon explained by the remarkable offer that we have today; if before the TV series were few, now the cinema market has decided to invest heavily in this sector. A further boost to success was the rise of all those platforms such as Netflix able to offer an infinite series of on-Demand cinematic content ; in this way the viewer has the possibility to access an inexhaustible series of titles to be enjoyed when and where he wants.

With the advent of Smart TVs, that fundamental step has taken place to ensure that you can enjoy Netflix without the need to resort to a PC ; in fact, by having an Internet connection on these Televisions, they allowed the contents to be reproduced directly on the TV, simplifying the whole process for the viewer.

Some of the most popular models on the market today are TVs with Integrated Netflix , i.e. all those TVs (with internet connection) that have pre-installed or are similarly compatible with the Netflix application.

How a TV with Integrated Netflix works

A TV that has the ability to interface with Netflix has a rather simple and easy to explain operation; at the base of everything there is the TV that must necessarily be Smart, that is equipped with an operating system and capable of connecting to the Web (both with a wired connection and with a wireless connection).

The TV operating system has often pre-installed a series of the most popular and famous applications on the market, one of them will almost certainly be Netflix , we are quite sure of this since today it is one of the most downloaded applications by viewers. If it has not already been installed on the TV, just open the Store where you can download the Apps and start installing our chosen application.

Once we have Netflix ready on the TV, all we have to do is enter with the login credentials directly on our Account; if we do not have an account, it will be possible to create a new one in a few minutes. At this point we just have to wish you a good vision!

TV with built-in 24-inch Netflix



If we are looking for a 24-inch with Netflix integration then we should take a look at this LG model: the 24TN510SPZ .

This model of the South Korean multinational is one of the most popular in its category and the sales rankings testify to it. The screen is equipped with the always efficient LED backlight, capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720 pixels . Obviously it is equipped with a Wifi connection, which can be used either through a cable or through the Wireless module . The Netflix application is already pre-installed within the operating system and is fluid and free of significant blocks. To fully enjoy Netflix contents, the button to access the application has been set up directly on the remote control; in this way it will be quick and easy for anyone to enjoy their favorite TV series and movies.

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The perfect 32-inch for Netflix



The 32-inch format has always represented one of the best price / size compromises to fully enjoy the Netflix offer; in fact the not excessive size of the panel combined with the video quality and the price make it a particularly suitable TV.

We have selected this model as the best 32-inch with embedded Netflix: the TCL 32ES561 . The Chinese manufacturer is also establishing itself in Italy for its value for money.

In this case we are faced with a TV capable of reaching Full-HD resolution (1080p) , an aspect that should not be underestimated to fully enjoy the very high resolution content offered by Netflix.

The Application is already pre-installed inside the TV and is easily accessible from the menu; moreover, it is possible to access Netflix directly from the remote control, thanks to the large button specially made by TCL .

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Hisense 40AE5600FA: the 40-inch TV with built-in Netflix



Hisense 40AE5600FA represents one of the best models made by Hisense, the Chinese multinational that has now established itself at the top of the Italian sales rankings.

The reasons for this success are given by the excellent visual and construction quality, offered at an absolutely competitive price. The Netflix application is already installed inside the Smart TV and thanks to the good internal processor it is easily accessible. Hisense has also implemented on the remote control of this 40AE5600FA the possibility of directly enjoying Netflix without the need to scroll through the various menus; In fact, a large white button with the word Netflix has been prepared, which once pressed will quickly take us to the home screen of the on-demand streaming platform to start our favorite vision.

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50-inch TV with Built-in Netflix: Samsung 50AU8070


If our choice is to enjoy the best of the cinematic content offered by Netflix we will absolutely have to buy a nice 4K TV . The famous entertainment platform has in fact the possibility to see its contents even in 4K, and we assure you that the visual experience that will ensue will be absolutely satisfying.

We at think that one of the latest born in Samsung, the Samsung Crystal 50AU8070 , is an absolutely perfect product for this purpose. The reasons for this success lie in the 4K resolution and the LED backlit panel. The contents offered by Netflix appear to flow with absolute fluidity and equipped with bright colors.

Obviously it is equipped with both Wi-Fi and wired connection and the operating system has already pre-installed the native application for viewing the contents. Another gem that the South Korean multinational wanted to add was placed directly on the remote control of this 50AU8070 ; in fact the appropriate Netflix button is placed in plain sight in its lower part. Once pressed, the Home Page of the streaming platform will open automatically and we will be able to start our vision.

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