What are the Apps for Smart TVs?

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  • Date: November 20, 2021
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After the advent of the Internet connection to televisions, the concept of watching TV has undergone a significant change, which has improved the experience in front of the home screen. Today, in fact, when you sit on the sofa, the offer in terms of contents is so wide that it is almost spoiled for choice. It is no longer just a question of watching a movie, but of following a television series, of living the experience of sport, of listening to music, playing games and much more.

Furthermore, thanks to the ease of use of these apps, most people who own a Smart TV intend to install as many applications as possible, precisely to eliminate that idea of ​​limitation that characterized canonical television. To help you clarify, therefore, we have decided to draw up a list of the most well-known and used applications , which you may already have on your Smart TV or, if not, you could easily download from the appropriate Store. Finally, we would like to underline that some applications remain available and supported only by certain brands, which we will indicate to you in each paragraph.

The most popular apps for entertainment on Smart TVs

We decided to start our guide with a topic of relevant breadth: entertainment . In fact, most people are looking for applications that allow the reproduction of content such as movies, television series, documentaries and, sometimes, music. This is because, when you want to share a moment in front of the television, the first thought is to have the maximum available offer . In this regard, we would like to let you know that a good percentage of users have multiple subscriptions at their expense, just to be able to move easily from one platform to another.


This can be said to be an application that is hardly missing on smartphones, both with the free and limited offer, and with the paid and unlimited option. Its formulation allows you to listen to all the music you want, but also the radio and podcasts, of a more informative nature. Spotify can be said to be the perfect app for music lovers , who just can’t do without it.

However, those who love music would also like to listen to it at home, especially if the Smart TV they have purchased has a good sound system . Today, in fact, if you have a latest generation television, you can have Spotify on your home display, but remember that the models that support it are only these: Panasonic, Philips, Bang & Olufsen, LG, Samsung and Vizio. On the other hand, if your Smart TV is equipped with the Android operating system , you can easily go to Google Play and download it for free.


If this application was born primarily as a platform for music videos, to date we can say that YouTube has acquired an edge . In fact, the Google video sharing platform also presents many documentaries, current information, political and geographical issues and much more. The functions on the app for Smart TVs are exactly the same as those available for the mobile version, and even in this case, the download is free . Application support is provided for all the latest generation television brands.


This is definitely the most popular movie streaming platform in the world . Furthermore, in a similar way to YouTube, Netflix also offers informative content, strictly in the form of a documentary. The app offers a free download, but as you know, in order to take advantage of its wide offer it is necessary to subscribe to a paid plan , the cost of which is very low.

Its fame has become so expanded that some Smart TVs can be said to offer a superior experience , such as the dedicated button on the remote control, which allows you to connect directly to the app. However, you have to bear in mind that Netflix is ​​only supported by the following brands: Sharp, Toshiba and Hisense, Samsung, Philips, LG and Panasonic. Finally, some Smart TV models have the Netflix Recommended TV label , which as the description itself suggests, indicates the recommendation by Netflix.

Premium Online

We can say that this application developed by Mediaset is fully dedicated to entertainment . In fact, its contents focus primarily on watching films and television series, which can only be used through a paid subscription to Mediaset Premium pay TV . As for the download, this remains free for Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony Smart TVs, while we cannot give guarantees for brands other than those listed above.

How to enrich the Smart TV offer with apps

Until now we have been able to see specifically what are the apps that tend to be not lacking on the display of a Smart TV. entertainment. However, we also feel it is right to mention Rai Play , Chili , NOW TV and Mediaset On Demand . The same applies to these apps as those seen previously, i.e. that the download remains free only for some brands and, in some cases, only for some Smart TVs of a single brand, such as NOW TV, supported only by selected models of Samsung.

Speaking of apps that have been developed with an intent other than entertainment, we cannot miss those dedicated to information . The functions they have are very similar to those available from mobile, and are used to keep you updated on the most diverse topics. Among those available we can say that Rai News , 3B Meteo and La Gazzetta dello Sport are the most sought after by users, as it allows them to have a complete view on news, weather and sport.

Another type of app that is important to talk about are certainly social networks , which have invaded our tablets, smartphones, computers and, now, even televisions. However, we want to share with you the fact that it is quite rare for a user to feel the need to use a social network from their home screen, but since it sometimes happens, solutions have been devised in this regard.


There are only two apps dedicated to social media: Facebook and Twitter . In both cases, the download remains free only on some models of different brands, just as we have seen so far. Specifically, as regards Facebook, the app can be downloaded for free only on Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks. As for Instagram, on the other hand, since the navigation of the app is already quite limited and limiting from a PC, it is currently not available for Smart TVs.

To conclude, we can say that television has come very close to offering and using a computer, offering us the possibility of exploiting the home screen in many and different ways. To date, in fact, it would no longer be conceivable to buy a television to use only the television channels, since the world of the Internet has completely revolutionized the way we conceive the television experience .

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