Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1: Review

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  • Date: April 8, 2022
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Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1: Review


Available formats:

  • Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 32 Inch
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 43 Inch
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 50 Inches
  • Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 55 Inches

Today we are going to review the latest series of televisions born at Xiaomi, or the Mi Smart TV P1 ; a product that is offered on the market in 4 different cuts: from the smallest 32 inches up to the large 55 inches, passing through the two intermediate cuts 43 and 50 inches.

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational that in recent years has risen strongly to the fore, going to conquer the top positions of the sales rankings for consumer electronics. The reasons for this success are mainly due to two different factors, the first is the good build quality and the second is the convenient value for money offered.

As with most of the electronic products sold by Xiaomi, also for this Mi Smart P1 we can see a remarkable build quality which, combined with an absolutely relevant technological equipment, makes it an excellent product.

The resolution of the panel varies according to the size of the screen, in fact as regards the 32 inches we have a maximum HD resolution ( 720p ), which is the standard for televisions of this size; while for the remaining three models of 43.50 and 55 inches we have the possibility of reaching a 4K resolution . The four models proposed differ only for this small detail, while as regards the technical characteristics they are all the same.

Let’s start immediately by saying that the backlight technology adopted by Xiaomi on this Mi Smart P1 uses LEDs , one of the most popular backlights on the market and capable of guaranteeing good performance combined with considerable reliability.

Under the point of view of the technical specifications the Dolby Vision technology undoubtedly stands out , thanks to it the TV is able to make the colors sharper and brighter, and at the same time it is able to reproduce even darker blacks; in this way the contrast level turns out to be really high.

We had the opportunity to thoroughly test this Xiaomi Mi Smart P1, and if there is one thing that pleasantly surprised us that is the MEMC technology ; this mode has the task of automatically adding a certain amount of frames where the images are too fast. In this way, the most agitated actions will be rendered much more fluid than a normal TV, greatly improving the visual quality. We are sure that this aspect will be particularly appreciated by all lovers of TV action, from thrilling movies to the best sporting events.

All these technologies and functionalities are effectively managed and orchestrated by the innovative Quad-Core micro-processor ; a powerful CPU and equipped with a very large storage space.

Another aspect that we were able to appreciate is the design of the panel; the merit is all of the subtlety of the side and upper frames. This peculiarity manages to give the Xiaomi a modern look that we are sure will be particularly appreciated even by lovers of the aesthetic factor.

Let’s now pass to the audio section, from this point of view, the editorial team of Smart4k.it had mixed sensations; we were pleasantly struck by the presence of Dolby Audio and DTS-HD , two technologies capable of rendering the sound absolutely three-dimensional. What did not fully convince us is the output power of the system, we found that the 10W guaranteed by the two stereo speakers are not sufficient to offer adequate sound power.

At this point, let’s analyze everything related to entertainment and aspects related to connectivity. The operating system installed on this Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 guarantees an easy and smooth user experience ; almost all of the most popular applications in Italy are also present (or to be installed): we are referring to Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and many others. Accessing and exploiting the multitude of content offered by these platforms is easy and intuitive; Two different buttons have also been created on the remote control which guarantee direct access to Netflix and Amazon Prime, as always a great convenience.

The remote control is also equipped with bluetooth connectivity , which unlike the most popular remote controls on the market (equipped with infrared connection) guarantees an effective signal without the need to point it towards the television.

To complete the offer linked to connectivity on this Xiaomi Mi Smart P1 we think the integration with Hey Google , one of the most used and widespread voice assistants on the market. We liked the fact that it has been integrated, in fact today it is much more common to find compatibility with respect to the integration of this service, especially on televisions of this price range.

We believe it is right to also talk about the presence of Chromecast , this service is essential for anyone who wants to have a very fast way to interface their smartphone directly to the TV. Thanks to this feature, this operation is easy, lightning-fast and free of any kind of hitch; we were able to play a multimedia content present on our tablet in a few seconds.

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We conclude our review by turning the TV and analyzing the physical connections on the back of the panel; after a brief analysis we can safely say that this Xiaomi lacks nothing. In fact, we have the possibility of using 3 HDMI sockets to connect for example a PC or a game console; an Ethernet socket to connect the TV to the Web in a wired way and two USB sockets to manage a multitude of different audio-video devices.

Xiaomi Mi Smart P1 is therefore an excellent compromise for anyone, the editorial staff of Smart4k.it believes that this device is particularly suitable especially for those who love sports and action in movies and TV series; the only flaw found is related to the low output power of the audio system , an aspect that can be improved by adding a small external soundbar to the TV.

The price at which this series of the Chinese multinational is offered appears to be good for what is offered, we are absolutely in line (if not below) with the average selling prices of the Italian market. Above all, the 43-inch cut is offered at a decidedly competitive price.

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